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He Claims He Never Thinks About The Other Woman That He Cheated With Anymore. How Can I Believe This?


Many women who contact me confess that they often wonder just how much their husband thinks about the other woman and the affair once the affair is over. Many husbands will downplay this or deny that he ever thinks about either one. And many of the wives have a very hard time believing this.

I recently heard from a wife who said, in part: “the other day my husband had a far away look on his face. He was distant and a million miles away. I suspected that he was thinking about the woman with whom he recently had an affair. But when I confronted him about this, he said that not only was he not thinking about her at that time, but that he never thinks about her or their affair anymore at all. This just hit me the wrong way because I felt like he had to be lying. And if he wasn’t lying, what does it say about him that he can have a physical relationship with someone and just walk away without a backward glance? Is it even possible for a husband not to think about the other woman or the affair? Because I have to admit that I still think about both quite a lot. I can’t help it. The thoughts and images just pop into my head, even when I don’t welcome them. How is the same not true for him?” I will address these concerns in the following article.

Is A Husband Lying When He Claims He Never Thinks About The Other Woman Or The Affair? Is This Even Possible? These are difficult questions because it’s impossible for anyone to get inside the mind of the heart of another person. I can tell you that some (but certainly not all) men will try to downplay the affair or the other person at least partially because they are trying to spare you pain and they truly do want to save their marriage.

So, they aren’t going to share any thoughts that they fear might make this less likely. And, they know that if they admit to still thinking about the other woman or the relationship from time to time (even if it’s not even in a wistful or positive way,) this is going to hurt you or bring about more issues for you. So, they figure it’s best to keep their thoughts to themselves, especially if those thoughts don’t really matter to them and aren’t going to help their cause.

With that said, many men will tell you that the affair was an impulsive act that truly didn’t have many emotional ramifications for them. Even though literature and statistics will suggest that men cheat for at least partly emotional reasons, many of those same men will deny that this was the case for them. They’ll tell you that this was just a short term thing that happened while they weren’t thinking clearly, that they now deeply regret it, and that they are perfectly willing and able to move on without a lot of emotional baggage or thought.

And although I am not and would never defend a man who cheats, I do believe that many men who make these declarations do believe what they are saying at the time. Because if you dig a little deeper and speak at length about this, it can become clear that, were it not for their wife constantly bringing the affair and the other woman up, they could merely walk away quite easily. They will tell you this is because they don’t forge the emotional attachments that wives fear the most.

On my suriviving the affair blog, I often hear comments like: “my wife is always asking me if I still think about the affair. Honestly, if she wouldn’t constantly bring it up, I don’t think I’d ponder it much at all. It’s in the past and I see no reason at all to keep dwelling on it all of the time. But my wife can’t seem to let it go. She’s constantly asking me about what I’m thinking and how I feel. She can’t or won’t just drop it. How can we move on when she’s constantly picking at the scab that is trying to heal? She thinks I’m lying when I tell her I don’t think about it. I guess that is not entirely untrue, but, if I think about it at all, it’s because she constantly brings it up. It’s like she wants to think that this other woman and I shared this great love affair that will never end when nothing is further from the truth. I could go my entire life without needing to contact or think of this person again but my wife won’t let it rest.”

Now, whether comments like this are entirely true or not, these are the type of things that I often hear. The husband will insist that he rarely longs for (and much less thinks about) the other woman or their affair, but his wife just won’t let it rest and is constantly bringing the topic up so that it’s impossible not to think about it.

How To Handle It When You Wonder Whether Your Husband Continues To Think About The Other Woman And The Affair: It’s totally natural and understandable to wonder where your husband’s thoughts and loyalties lie. It’s challenging to save your marriage or to move on when you’re worried that he would rather be with someone else or that someone else has taken up residence in his mind. But, when you truly can’t know what he’s thinking or feeling, does it make sense to keep bringing his attention back to the person who you most want out of your lives?

Often, without even realizing that we are doing it, we allow the fear inside us to drive our actions and our decisions. The thing that we most fear is for our husbands to still think about (or long for) this other woman. Yet, by continuing to bring her up, ask about her, or demand that our husband define exactly how much he is thinking about or feeling for her, we keep allowing her presence into our lives. I know that you really want and need to know the truth about whether he continues to think about the affair, but sometimes if you back off of this topic and focus on your marriage and your healing instead, you will make it more likely that you will get the answer that you really want.

I know that dealing with these doubts can be very challenging and painful, but plowing through can truly be worth it. Although I never would’ve believed this two years ago, I did eventually truly get over the affair. My marriage is stronger than ever. It took a lot of work, and I had to play the game to win, but it was worth it. Because of all the work I did on myself, my self esteem is in tact. I no longer worry my husband will cheat again. If it helps, you can read more of that story on my blog at http://surviving-the-affair.com/



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