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Healthy Weight Control – The Importance Of Breakfast


Research indicates that as many as 25% of the population miss breakfast. Some simply because they do not have the time but others in the mistaken impression that it helps them lose or control their weight. This in fact is not the case.

If you start the day without a meal then you are far more likely to suffer pangs of hunger in the mid-morning and take a snack which will possibly be high in fats and sugars. Also missing breakfast can lead to a reduced performance at work because your body has not received the food it needs to energise you.

Not only is it important to have breakfast at the start of the day but it is also important to have the right type of meal. The traditional breakfast of sausage, bacon and fried egg is very high in fats and sugar. Even some elements of the continental breakfast such as croissants also contain high levels of fat.

Another misconception is that breakfast cereals are a healthy option. This is not true in all cases as some cereals can also be high in fat and sugar. Some cereals can be an excellent choice for breakfast but it is important check the ingredients to make sure that you select those that have low levels of fats and sugars.

Muesli, Porridge or high fibre cereals are all good to start the day with. You can also add fruit and nuts to your meal to provide extra vitamins and minerals. Traditionally many people also include a fruit juice as part of their breakfast meal. This is a good source of vitamin C but eating a piece of fruit may be better as it not only provides vitamins but also essential fibre.

In many parts of the world fish is popular as a breakfast dish. Smoked haddock, cod, kippers, (smoked herring) are traditional breakfast fish in various parts of the world and can make a filling and healthy breakfast meal.

Other ways that you can make your breakfast healthier is to use semi skimmed milk rather than full fat. If you have toast, preferably wholemeal, you could use a low fat spread.

The important point about breakfast is that not only should you eat something before the start of the day but whatever you eat should give you the maximum health benefit. For this reason there is no need to stick to traditional breakfast foods if you would really fancy something else. There are no rules set in stone that you can only eat certain foods for breakfast. As long as you eat something and it is low in fats and sugars you can be assured that you are starting your day well.

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