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Home Remedies for Swine Flu Can be Safe and Effective


While we anxiously await the approach of the flu season and look to see which direction the new and troublesome flu will take, it is not too late to begin to take preventative measures and to start to consider home remedies for swine flu, which can be used as an alternative to over the counter medication and which can help to reduce the severity of flu symptoms in infected individuals.

Unknown by most, there are home remedies for swine flu shown to have been effective and which have been used by practitioners for many years to treat and prevent similar cold, flu and viral infections.  For example, and this may be nothing more than common sense, stress reduction can be one of the best home remedies for colds, flu and other infections . This is because, if you are highly stressed, your immune system is compromised and the body finds it more difficult to fight the virus.

A great way to help prevent contracting the swine flu is to include adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals in your daily diet. An adequate supply of nutritional supplements helps strengthen the body’s internal defense system. Vitamin A, found in fresh oranges and green helps strengthens the respiratory membranes. Superior levels of respiratory membranes diminish the likelihood of a flu attack.  Vitamin C, when taken in sufficient quantity supports the immune system and can be effective in fighting viral infections.  It is recommended to include foods rich in vitamin C in every meal.  Zinc is one of the most significant minerals required by the body to prevent infection and revitalize a damaged immune system. Zinc acts to stimulate antibodies that help in suppressing any viral attack. Potatoes, milk, yogurt, lobsters, clams, pork meat are few examples of zinc rich foods.



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