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Hostlink UK – Guardianship Services


Adding to its many services Hostlink UK has a quite finely knitted a student exchange program where Students can interact with local students and exchange various academic and non academic thoughts. The students can also get an understanding of the local culture and can get the first hand feel of the local neighborhood. Student exchange program also inter twines with the various local programs.

The Foundation programme helps in enrolling oneself into a fun filled atmosphere which is safe and friendly at the same time gives chances to improve the English language. The Foundation programme boasts of many activities like quiz competitions, and talent shows to name a few.

Let’s say a child below the age of 18 is sent to the UK for his studies in a boarding school. Hostlink UK also has a provision where they keep a tab on the child, through its Guardianship service. The host family will be responsible for the overall needs, starting from helping in school application to any emergencies that need to be attended to. The guardianship service supports the child and their family through the mediating host family. Guardianship service will be completely supportive and will ensure complete attention towards the child. The host family hosts the family of the child atleast twice a year under the guardianship service.

Besides this, Homestay is also known for its Guardianship services. The best thing is that it provides and creates a supportive and positive environment for the students who are staying under the guardianship care in UK.  Proper care of the child is taken and frequent progress reports are shared with their parents. Moreover it also assists you with the school application. It also makes the complete arrangements of the parent and student air transfers.

Hostlink UK has ventured with many boarding schools from the basic prep to senior schools along with a host of schools who provide higher education. One can select the course and chose from the many courses available. Like mentioned earlier one can opt for the guardianship service for the wards who are below the age of 18.

Looking at the overall understanding it just seems that the Hostlink UK helps in bonding people from different parts of the world and being the perfect host to the guests who come to Reading for their education.



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