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How A Person Can Earn a Large Income by Internet Marketing


An average person, with a little planning and initiative, can earn a very large income through Internet marketing, and do it without ever leaving the house. Some Internet entrepreneurs in fact work all day in their pajamas. How do they do it? Many ways, all revolving around Internet marketing.

The first step to becoming an Internet marketing millionaire is to decide on the product or service you plan to sell. Many people have had great success in selling physical items on the online auctions. Some have made enough money through online auctions to quit the day job and just do this form of Internet marketing full-time. Also closely related are all of the Internet based bookstores. Many of them will allow a person to sell used books online, paying a percentage to the Internet based bookstore. One Kansas City man uses this as his part-time job. He goes to flea markets and garage sales on the weekends, buys books cheap and then checks online to determine their value and offers them up for sale. At last count he was making anywhere from $200 to $500 per month with this form of Internet marketing.

Information products however are really where it’s at for most entrepreneurs. Writing an ebook gives you a product you can sell thousands and thousands of times without depleting the resource. If the ebook is a how to do it book containing niche market information that a large number of people want, they may be willing to pay ten dollars, twenty or even fifty dollars for a pdf copy of your ebook.

Another option available to you is sending a newsletter free to those who choose to opt in to your list. Of course you need to keep the list private. You should never sell, rent or give away your mailing list as this is a sign of trust between you and your customers. Make the newsletter you produce full of good information that they can use and not just a sales pitch. Then these people will pass copies on to their friends, spreading word of mouth about your business. After all, a happy customer is the best advertising you can have, and if you give them a high quality newsletter you are doing them a service. The newsletter doesn’t have to be fancy, just good. And if you want another ebook as a sequel to the first, offering your newsletter readers or those who bought your first book a discount does a service to them and to you.



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