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How Lrc Files (.lrc Files) Helps in Singing ?


Today, large number of people loves to listen and sing a song. Today there are many reality shows are being conducted on the television. People are very eager to show their capabilities. To be selected these people are taking all the necessary steps to be punctual. One of the step here is to be perfect in pronouncing proper original lyrics. For this they try to use internet to download the lyrics. These lyrics can be used when practicing by printing it on a paper and reading it. But there is one more technology is developed which many of them are unaware. This technology is in the form of LRC Files ( .lrc files ). 

What is LRC?

LRC is a file type with .lrc extension used to display the lyrics of a song in combination with the song itself on certain compatible mp3 players or on your PC.

How to use LRC?

Using LRC is simple. All you need to do is select the lyrics of a song (with time tag) you want, copy it to the notepad and save it with extension .lrc in the folder where the corresponding song is located.

Note: Name the LRC file after their matched songs. For example, if a song is named Abc.mp3, then LRC file should be named Abc.lrc .

If your player doesn’t support to LRC file then download a small program from the internet and install it.

You can find these LRC Files on http://search4site.page.tl/LRC-Files.htm



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