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How to Be Popular When Working in an Office


If you work in an office then you will probably be spending a lot of your waking hours there. If you are sensible then you will do your best to make this environment as comfortable as possible. One way to achieve this is by becoming popular. This will not only ensure that people will treat you well, but it should also mean having to do a lot less work. This is because popular people can get away with a lot more; there will always be colleagues willing to cover for them. So if you want an easy life in your office you will find that popularity is the key.

How to Be Popular When Working in an Office

Here are just a few ideas for how to become popular in your office:

  • You should go out of your way to be nice to everyone; always make them feel important. Even if there are people who rub you up the wrong way you need to keep your dislike hidden. Make it a habit to compliment your work colleagues frequently.
  • Do not allow yourself to be pulled into office politics. Never take sides in any argument because all you will be doing is alienating those on the opposing side. Other people will try very hard to get you on their side but you will need to resist.
  • Develop a reputation as somebody who can be trusted to keep secrets. That way your colleagues will feel comfortable sharing their secrets with you.
  • Spend a lot more time listening than you do talking. Ask your work colleagues questions about their life. The amazing thing is that the more you listen the more interesting you become to other people; it gives you an air of mystery.
  • Attend social events and do your best to have fun. It is probably best if you are not the first to arrive and the last to leave.
  • Be respectful to your boss and always show a willingness to take on extra work. Avoid complaining and build a reputation as a ‘yes’ person.
  • Try to look busy throughout the day. That way your boss will see you as someone who is always on the ball.
  • Try not to toady up to the bosses but don’t act like a militant worker either.
  • Smile a lot


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