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How to Cure Cradle Cap Near Eyelids?


cradle cap generally occurs on the head of a baby. The areas that are most prone to the disease are the top of the head, the area along with eyebrows, eyelids etc. And different affected areas have different means of treatment. When the disease occurs along the eyelids, the typical medical advice is to use diluted baby shampoo on a cotton swab to cleanse the affected area.

There is no certainty with regard to the proportion of dilution. It may range from a few drops to half cup warm water or even it may be a fifty/fifty mix. Though no specific studies have been made on the efficacy or safety of this treatment, it has been found fruitful in treating cradle cap. However, it cannot be ignored that there is problems in using shampoo in the affected area. Shampoo contains a detergent that is supposed to cause harm to the baby.

Generally, when comparing soap and baby shampoo to commercial eyelid scrubs, parents strongly preferred not to put soap or shampoo on the affected area. Baking soda has also been recommended is a means of treating cradle cap when it occurs near eyelids. A teaspoonful of soda can be added to a cup of boiled water and applied on the place. It is a popular method of treating the skin condition.

Whatever may be the method of treating cradle cap, it must be kept in mind that the disease is not an infectious one and there is no chance that it would take a bad turn and cause harm to the baby or contaminate those who come near to it. The disease may get well automatically but in between it should be managed properly. Parents should ensure that they take measures to keep the disease under control by being careful.



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