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How to Date Online Successfully – 7 Steps to Find Love and Romance in Cyberspace


Internet dating has come of age, and is now accepted as a good way for people start a relationship. But the question of how to date online still lingers. This is because successful dating in cyberspace takes more than simply signing up with a personals site.

Here then are some steps on how to successfully date online:

1. Be relationship ready: Psychological readiness is paramount for success in dating as in virtually everything else in life. If you have recently lost a loved one through a break-up, divorce, or death, you should first give yourself time to heal. In the case of a break-up, be sure that the relationship is over and that you are ready to move on. Be sure that you are ready to date (again).

2. Find the right dating site for you. It is amazing how many people sign up with a certain dating service simply because they have “heard of it”. This is the wrong way to find a dating service. You should choose a dating site depending on the type of relationship you want and your lifestyle (including interests and hobbies). Unless money is really an issue, you should avoid free dating sites as the caliber of people in such sites is usually not very high.

3. Describe yourself: This is one thing that we are not used to, but which is extremely important. Doing this will not only help you know about yourself, but also helpful in finding the right dating site and answering profile questions. You should describe yourself honestly in as much detail as possible, including your strengths and weakness.

4. Find out what you want. Do you have or want children? Would you want a relationship with someone who has children? Is geographical distance an issue? Are you looking for a long-term or short-term relationship? What are the things you just can’t stand (smoking, for example)? What things must you have in your life? Is religion important to you? What about ethnicity? Describe your ideal match beyond physical attributes. What qualities do you consider important in a partner? Do you love pets and must your partner also love pets?

5. Post a picture. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, on the web it is probably worth two thousand. Without a picture to go with your profile you will be lucky to get one response. Without a picture people will think you have something to hide. Post a picture, but not one taken with your Polaroid, webcam or cell phone. Your dating picture should be well lit and recent. There are professionals that specialize in dating site photos; use them if in doubt. Post more than one picture if the site allows, as most of the good ones do.

6. Write a winning profile. Your personal profile, also known as personal ad, is extremely important and crucial to your success in online dating. If you have gone through all the steps above it will be much easier to write a good and descriptive profile. You don’t have to sound like an English professor, but do pay attention to grammar and spelling. Just write like you speak, addressing one person only.

7. Communicate: Sometimes our ego gets in our way when it comes to online dating. We may feel we are attractive (rightly or wrongly) and so get disappointed when we don’t get an avalanche of responses. Well, it is a two-way traffic. Get in that website and search using various parameters and criteria of your interest (such as age, distance etc.). Contact people whose profile interests you. Use email, instant messaging, webcam and other available communication features to open up conversation or respond to others. Sooner or later you will come across someone with whom you click.



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