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How To Generate Thousands of Incoming Links for Free


Does anyone really enjoy the tedium of spending hours upon hours
searching for quality link partners? I know I don’t. That’s why
I’ve devised a free and incredibly easy method for generating
thousands of incoming links to websites that takes the hassle
out of getting other sites to link to you.

The number of incoming links you will be able to generate is
directly proportional to the number of hits on your website. The
good news is that even if you have only a small handful of
visitors coming to your site daily, you still have the potential
to generate a substantial amount of links pointed your way.

Here are the two simple steps required to start generating your
free incoming links:

1. Carry this article on your website and feature it
prominently. The more people who see it, the more incoming links
you’ll potentially receive.

2. Create a “featured site” link that creates a new window when
clicked on. This “featured site” will be the website where you
originally viewed this article. The original window containing
your website will stay open, so your visitor will eventually
return to view your page.

That’s it! Now compare that to conventional methods of finding
sites that will link to you.

A quick word to the wise: I recommend that you only link to
sites with themes similar to yours. If you own a fishing
website, for example, and link to a music website, you may
potentially damage your Google page ranking. At the same time,
by linking to websites with similar content, in many cases you
will improve your Google page rank.

If you don’t have a “featured site” link on your website, people
will be less likely to link to you. Do the person who put this
article in front of you a favor and send them some traffic, and
you will be rewarded more than you can possibly imagine,
provided you have a website that generates a decent amount of

If you website receives ten hits a day, or 5000 hits a month,
you stand to gain mightily by using this innovative incoming
link-generating tool. Even better, this article does 90% of the
work for you! Have fun, and enjoy your extra traffic!

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article in its entirety in your ezine or on your site so long as
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