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How To Love Your Wife


Husband is also known as provider. In relationship, husband is a person who has to provide love, stability, affirmation, sex, intimacy in romance et cetera etcetera. One o f husband’s biggest problem is Loosing Excitement in relationship and become completely pointless about how to love his wife.

Here are few things which play a major role in creating distance between couples.

  1. Less Excitement
  2. Boring Sex Life
  3. Lack of Romance
  4. No Attraction

If you put affirmations in all these four points then your life will be fantastic. Lets talk about affirmations of these points and tips which you can apply for loving your wife. She definitely is going to love you for this change.


Most of husbands not have any idea what they want from their relationship or they not even taken minutes to seriously consider about this issue. You have to aim for something in order to make your wife happy and feel loved. Focus on most important key areas of your life and excitement in your relationship will instantly build up.

Relationship with your wife

Money matters of your family

Personal Development


Time, Time and Time for your family and loving wife (go on first point again)

Once you focus on these points and effort positively on them then you will be surprised by wonderful changes in your life. These new changes in you will be loved by your wife. Keep things exciting.


You must have to learn the art of giving your wife orgasm. Make your sex life full of passion and wild that you become the Lion of your home. I recommend you giving your partner at least 2 orgasms before she please you. It shows five things,

Your sexual desires are controlled by you

Boredom changed into passionate bedroom

After orgasm she will be ready and provide her best abilities to please you

You become the Lion who knows to dominate his territory

Your wife will be emotionally ready for having orgasm during intercourse


Give your wife occasional small gifts (candies, chocolates, scarf, romance novel, magazines) be Creative

Remember… When was the last time you given your wife flowers? Give it NOW

Give her Lingerie (gift) and playfully play fantasy game. Be as naughty as you can.

Make tattoo on each other body after love making session

Spread Romance all around you. Be wild Romantic Man of your wife.


Now here is the most important point which creates trouble in relationships and vanishes as soon as possible between couple. You have to make yourself attractive again.

Master body language

Be fun loving person

Stay MAN. Do not turn into boy

Respect your wife

Surround yourself with Happiness

One bullet point:

“In order to keep yourself interesting, for your wife/girl, make something other your passion rather then females”

This thing in your personality shows you as passionate person and females, your girl or your wife, love passionate person. Keep attraction alive by doing these few things…

By these few initial tips you can make your wife go wild by experiencing best lover ever. When anticipation leads the sexual tension in right way then instruments of woman gives the loveliest and wildest melody.

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