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How to Make Strong Friendship


To have a strong friendship with someone, you have to work for it and know the secrets. Strong friendship does not come overnight and, you will need to look at some of the things that you can do to ensure that your friendship is strong. First, you need to acknowledge the fact that you make friends who are from very different backgrounds. You must accept and appreciate their experiences. Many times, people have made the mistake of thinking that you make friends with people you have almost everything in common. However, to the contrary, human beings are able to establish friendships with a variety of people and this is one of the reasons why friendships are full of spice and intrigue. The first tip to a strong relationship is looking at their background and differences; accepting them just the way they are. For example, if you were never accepted with the flaws that you have, you would never find anyone to be your friend. Therefore, this is the first secret that you need to keep in mind. Some of our dearest friends will have differences that we would not even half understand. Yours is not to understand but, to accept them the way they are.

The other tip or secret to a strong friendship is in the way you treat your friends. The golden rule has not changed and it has always been to treat others just like you would have them treat you. This rule will ensure that selfishness and malice are kept out of bay. It is only those who are in strong friendships that practice this. As a human being, you need to live and let others live. If you really put this point to action, you will definitely start to see the difference in your relationships. You will also realize that you will become a better person who is more satisfied in life. This is mainly because your conscious will be clear. Another thing that will strengthen your relationships is forgiveness and apology. When you realize that you have done something wrong. It is vital for you to first admit it, and then apologize. You should do this in a sincere manner for it to really work for your good. Your friend will then have the responsibility or make the decision to forgive you.

A strong friendship is far from perfect and it is through apology and forgiveness that many are able to move on with their lives. After forgiveness, there is another step that many seem to overlook. This is a step where you let go. Letting go is very essential to moving on. Many times when you are hurt by a friend, you are not able to fully forget their actions even after forgiveness. Time can heal your wounds but, it can take a really long time. The power to let go is in you and when you are ready, you must let go. Seek to spend time together for a real strong bond of friendship.



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