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How to Prevent Cheating and Build an Affair Proof Marriage


An affair can bring a marriage to the brink of destruction. If this has happened to you, you may be wondering if there are any guaranteed affair proof marriage actions that you can implement to prevent cheating from devastating your life again. There are not many absolutes in life but there are some things that both you and your spouse can do that will keep cheating from being a problem that crops up between you and your spouse in the future.

Define acceptable and unacceptable behavior

You and your spouse need to put your heads together and define some specific boundaries about behavior that is acceptable and behavior that isn’t acceptable. You both need to agree to monitor your actions to ensure that those agreed upon boundaries are never crossed.

Affair proof your marriage by putting a fence around it

Putting a fence around your marriage means that there is no room in your relationship for certain potentially dangerous situations. Everything will fall apart again if one spouse is stepping out in anyway whatsoever (phone calls, emails, texting, coffee, drinks, etc, etc) to have an exclusive relationship with someone else of the opposite sex.

You need to set your own internal monitor and become sensitive to activities, actions, and people that could endanger the marriage that you and your spouse are working so hard to rebuild. Building a fence around the relationship not only ensures more safety in the trust issues, but it encourages openness and sharing and communication about what’s going on with each other.

Building an affair proof marriage is not going to be easy. Both you and your spouse need to make a commitment to stick to your agreed upon boundaries and constantly monitor your internal sensors to avoid any dangers that threaten to undo all your hard work. Putting a fence around your marriage helps complete the work you have already done to rebuild honesty and trust in your relationship.



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