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How to promote sightseeing tours via video


Using video to promote sightseeing tours is not as hard as one might think. Thanks to the developments of camera and internet, people are used to watching and sharing videos online. A travel video can be more vivid than static photos. Tour guides shall take advantage of such modern technologies to promote various sightseeing tours via video.

First, choose a tool to record the video. Video camera can provide high quality movies, but it is not a must. One consideration with video camera is the file size. The bigger the video file is, the faster your internet connection is required. No one wants to spend a whole day uploading one video, right? Cameras are widely available. Most cameras nowadays have a video option, and the quality is pretty ok. Many mobile phones also have a camera tool. Some computers have built-in cameras, which you can use directly. Remember the purpose is to promote your unique sightseeing tours, or show your personality to potential clients. Your videos can be as good, but not has to equal travel programs on the television. On the other hand, shabby or blurred images create nothing but negative impression. Choose any recording tool that is convenient and fit for the purpose of sightseeing tour promotion.

Once the tool is picked, the next question is what to shot. What will help your clients confirm the tour and increase client booking for you? Again, do not forget the purpose of your videos. This is not destination promotion, but to promote your tour service. Real person is recommended. The clients will be more confident when they see and hear you directly. Knowing the tour guide and his/her language skills in advance help to build up trust. Or you can show your favorite part in the destination, where travelers can’t find in any guide books written. The most famous or impressive scenic spots may also work with you doing the introduction. It is easy to identify the sightseeing tour location when you present by the most famous views.

After the video is recorded, some editing work may increase the promotional effect. For example, add a subtitle to tell where you are or who you are, edit video length to present the key information, reduce noise in the background to complete a higher quality presentation … Microsoft system has windows movie maker for easy editing. Ulead VideoStudio software is also a good choice for beginners. Short videos less than 3 minutes are good. Also put the best content or most important messages at the begging. Because, 1) the file is not too large to upload onto the internet, 2) leave more sightseeing tour introduction to your actual meet with clients, 3) internet surfers may not be interested enough to complete the whole video, or their website connection is too slow to load.

Last but not least, viral your videos loudly. You can upload your video to platforms like YouTube, DailyMotion, MetaCafe… Share your video link among friends or networking sites like FaceBook. Tell more people via social media sites e.g. Digg, StumbleUpon. Promote through tour guide websites like OurExplorer, where video presentation is allowed.

Think creatively! Videos allow the guide to present sightseeing tours in a vivid way. The tour promotion can carry on your own styles and characters.



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