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How to reduce obesity in children?


One of the main cause of obesity in children is the type of food they are eating. If your child is overweight, you have to be very aware of the type of food you are feeding them. what kind of meals they are having, the kinds of drinks they are drinking. Most parents know children preferred junk food and specially when they are watching their favorite shows, they are engulfed with commercials about junk food. Because of that, it is a good practice to monitor not just what they are eating but also other activities.

Furthermore, if you are going to reduce your child junk food intake, and help them to have healthy skin and body you will need to also reduce your junk food intake. You can’t tell your child he or she can’t eat that, while you are eating it in front of them. In other words, you have to lead by example. I am not saying not to let your child have any treats, but make sure that you set limits on these treats. By setting these limits, it would gives you the first step to combat obesity in children.

Besides the nutrition aspects to help your child shed weigh, exercise is the next step in controlling your child weight and prevent obesity. Exercise may have to be a family affair. You have to understand that you do not want to make the child feel he or she has a problem. This is a lifestyle change for the entire household and everyone will benefit.

The exercise program has to be on a regular basis, not just for a few weeks and then everyone forget about it. You have to be consistent for your child to get the full benefits of the program. Furthermore, I would suggest you enroll your child in different sport activities. Sports such as soccer, tracks, volleyball, basketball, any sports that will require him or her to burn calories. Maintaining a healthy environment will greatly reduce the chances of your child becoming obese. http://www.healthyskinbody.com



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