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How to Spot Guys Who Misrepresent Themselves in Online Dating Sites


Online dating is no longer an unknown commodity, online dating has finally made it to the mainstream. People in our society are no longer ashamed to admit that they have used a dating site to find that special person. Just because the online dating phenomenon is widespread that does not mean that you should not be careful when it comes to choosing your ideal match.

Online dating is great because it makes it easier for you to meet that special person because there are many members who are looking for the same thing as you. However, you must be sure that the person you develop feelings for is someone who is being completely honest with you. Now the hardest part is finding out what they have told you about themselves is true.

One of the hard and harsh facts about online dating is that 4 out 10 men are not actually being honest with their profile. Finding out the real social status of a person on the Internet can be a tricky task because as you might know, it is now one of the ideal places where a person can misrepresent himself especially when it comes to getting dates. One of the best things is that there are many computer software programs which will help you to discover if the person you are dating is single or if they are unhappily married. It would be wise on your part to make sure that they are free as a bird to save your money, effort and of course, your heart from breaking apart. You can use “PublicData.com” to do an investigation on a person’s background. If you happen to know the address of the person you are dating and its license number, you can just click on it there and see if there is another person who lives in that particular address. Chances are, you might be able to find out if the one you’re dating is already married or not.

If you are constantly attracting married individuals in online dating, you should make some changes to your profile and let everyone know that you are not desperate to find your significant other. Perfect, and that you just want to have some fun. When this happens you should not get discouraged because regardless of how good your profile is, there are people who will try to take advantage of you. Just be careful when it comes to giving out your heart to someone especially if you do not know him or her that much yet.

There are some red flags that will tell you that the person you are dating online is married. A profile without a picture should alarm you because it means that the person does not want other people to see her or his pictures by lots of millions for fear that their partner’s friends would know about it. Also, if you have already corresponded for a long period of time and he does not want to see you in person; that could mean that he just want to flirt with you online and nothing more than that.



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