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How To Tell If Someone Is Lying From Their Body Language! Read This As Fast As Possible


It is not easy to ascertain that your partner is lying if they do it well. It is more difficult than easy to catch them lying unless you find some evidence to prove the lie. But there certainly is one way to catch them and that is from their body language that gives them away.

They cannot look straight into the eyes. When a person is new at lying it becomes difficult for them to look directly into the eyes of the person to whom they are lying. They will either look away in another direction or look down while replying or telling a lie.

They also turn away completely when lying so that their face is not visible to the person they are lying to.

They get fidgety. More often than not, the person lying becomes very fidgety too while telling a lie. He or she is unable to tell a lie without shuffling on their feet or twitching their fingers. Since one is mentally uneasy about lying he or she naturally tends to be uncomfortable physically.

The body tends to wriggle uncomfortably.

The artificial smile. Very often the person lying tries to cover up the guilt of lying by putting on a smile. What they do not realize is that the smile gives them away. One can very well tell that the smile is not natural but artificial and shows that they are trying to cover up the lie with a smile.

The smile is only a half smile unlike a natural smile which lights up the complete face.

Anger. Anger or suddenly flaring up at being asked a question is a sure give away that the person is lying. Since, he or she is resentful because they have been asked a question which they are unable to reply truthfully it arouses anger in them which they cannot deny or hide.

The anger is a deadly giveaway of their telling lies.

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