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How Will Dani Johnson's Prospecting and Closing Script Book Help My Business?


Who is Dani Johnson?

Dani Johnson is a Network Marketing Coach With a Very inspiring rags to riches Story and a popularscript book Called Dani Johnson’s Prospecting and Closing Script Book. This book of scripts were written by her and have very high success ratios.

Dani’s Success Story

Before Dani’s huge success in network marketing, her husband left the country leaving her with only $2.03 to her name and living out of her automobile. She used a pay phone and hand wrote a phone script that helped her to close 24 out of 25 sales. The script was a critical element to her success and helped her to go from having $2.03 to her first million in two years. She has also taught others how to use the scripts as well.

The Script Book

The Script book has scripts for all kinds of situations which include warm and cold market scripts. The scripts are made to make you sound like a business developer rather than a pushy salesperson. It also emphasizes the F.O.R.M. acronym to ask questions that build trust with your prospects.

The book also has two bonus CDs where Dani will demonstrate how to use those scripts. She will role play with people in the audience so that students can get a feel of how they should approach their warm and cold prospects.

So Is the Script Book Right for Me

The script book is good for you if you feel comfortable building a business with a list of friends and family members and buying and cold calling leads. However, If you don’t have that many friends, you are going to have a struggle making that list. You might not feel comfortable approaching your friends and family members either.

In addition, you will eventually run out of your warm market and will have to move on to your cold market. This includes buying and cold calling leads. Although Dani Johnson says that she has a high closing ratio, you are going to have to be very skilled getting the ratios that she claims she gets. If you are not very skilled with doing that, you are just going to waste a bunch of money and time.

I have personally tried using her scripts for several months to build my business. I didn’t have much success and was not comfortable talking to friends and family members. Calling leads didn’t work out that well either. Most of the people were rude and were only interested in winning a cell phone or a bird cage. A lot of them made every excuse under the sun including, “I can’t afford it”, and “I don’t have any time for this”. I personally don’t feel comfortable promoting my business the Way Dani teaches in her book.

The Alternative

If you are looking for the alternative way of building your business you should consider learning how to build it using the power of the internet. With the internet, you can drive targeted traffic to your website using video marketing, article marketing and web 2.0 strategies.

Instead of promoting your business, you will want to follow attraction marketing principals by marketing yourself as an expert and provide value. You can learn attraction marketing by plugging into an attraction marketing system. You will learn how to generate leads and make money from those leads even if they don’t join your primary business. You will still only sign up 5% of your prospects into your business, but you will also make money from the 95% that say no. That is something that you won’t learn from Dani’s Prospecting and Closing Script Book..



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