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Ideas Of Things To Do During The Holidays To Make It More Special And Fun


Rent a projector for any reason (or no reason at all!) during
the holidays and watch their faces light up. Here are some
ideas for using your rental projector to make any day a
special occasion (and to make holiday gatherings even more

Creating Ambiance

From candlelight dinners and intimate gatherings to
full-blown annual parties, rental projectors are ideal for
creating ambiance at soirees of any size. You can have a
favorite holiday movie playing in the background on the
largest wall in the room, or you can showcase a montage of
favorite family and friend photographs. The possibilities
are nearly endless when you use your imagination.

Home Movie Nights

The holidays are all about spending time together with
family and friends, and with the kids out of school for such
a long break, home movie nights are the perfect way to bring
everyone together in a fun and cozy setting. Pop a huge
batch of popcorn, break out the warm blankets and curl up in
your favorite spot to watch holiday favorite flicks such as
“The Santa Clause,” “Miracle on 34th Street,” “The Hebrew
Hammer,” and “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.”

Party Time!

During this festive time of year, parties are virtually
guaranteed – but how can you elevate your next social
gathering to new heights? It’s easy with a rental projector.
Pop in a classic kiddie movie to keep the kids occupied (such
as “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” or “The Polar Express”)
or showcase your favorite grown-up film (may we recommend
“Scrooged” starring Bill Murray) at an adults-only event.
Alternatively, you might consider using your rental
projector in conjunction with a karaoke machine – what kind
of party you plan is entirely up to you!

Gaming Tournaments

Whether you’re expecting a gaming system as a holiday gift
this year, or simply expecting to enhance your collection of
games, a rental projector is an ideal way to celebrate with a
video gaming tournament. Bring together family and friends
for a little healthy competition. You might give prizes for
the winners, or just keep it as “bragging rights.” Either
way, you’ll have a blast playing your favorite games (and
maybe a few new ones) with a larger-than-life display thanks
to a rental projector.

Whatever you use your rental projector for, it’s sure to add
that extra “wow” factor during this and every holiday season.

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