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Immerse Yourself In An Alpha Attitude By Watching This Movie


Far, Far and Away


There is a point in this silly Tom Cruise/Nicole Kidman romance movie. You just have to watch carefully.


I got a membership to that DVD rental service where you get your selections mailed to you, and I’ve been watching a lot of movies, catching up on the classics. A lot of guy movies, like “The Dirty Dozen”, “Where Eagles Dare”, “The Majestic Seven”, and others.

I happened to put down “Far and Away” as a title, and it came up recently. Now, a lot of you are going to chuckle at that. A silly Tom Cruise/Nicole Kidman romance.

But, you know, it was actually pretty watchable.

Not incredibly deep as far as a story goes, but it was nice to watch. Well-produced. And there was something I noticed about it that you ought to look at. Tom Cruise makes both the “chump” error and the “champ” corrections in the course of the movie.

Let’s review them:

At first, Tom tells Nicole when she asks him if she’s beautiful that “he’s never seen anything like her”, she basically says, “Good” and turns away from him. You can see the look in his eyes as he’s saying to himself, “What the hell happened? I told her she was beautiful, and she rolled over and went to sleep. Isn’t that what she wanted?”

Classic mistake when dealing with beautiful women. Never compliment their beauty before you’ve got them hooked. It has ZERO affect.

Later, Tom is getting some booty attention from the women at the place where he fights, and from the whores that live in his boarding house. Nicole gets bratty and jealous, acting as if she’s pissed at him, but really she’s just wishing she could act on her attraction. This establishes Tom as desirable by other women, jacking up her attraction even further.

Later on, Tom gets in an argument with Nicole and he throws her in a tub full of water, putting her in her place. You can see the meek manner in which she realizes how she was acting like a bitch.

She’s the classical bratty beautiful woman, and Tom learns how to dominate her in the right way. All through the movie, in fact, she behaves in the classic mode of the spoiled beautiful woman who has had every man just fall at her feet.

Note how turned on she becomes when Tom fights – and especially when he fights for her.

Check this movie out sometime as part of your homework. You’ll find a bunch of classical behavior patterns in here to learn from.


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