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Importance of Clean Underwear


All of us love our bodies and take utmost care and look after our bodies to the best of our capabilities. Whenever we buy clothes, we make sure their fit, size, fabric etc are in perfect tandem with our body shape and that they do not irritate our skin. We also take good care of these clothes so as to maintain them and wear them over a long period of time. Both Men and women are extremely careful while buying their undergarments since they not only provide protection and support but also enhance the body shape.

It is very important to maintain a regular habit of wearing clean underwear. Clean underwear gives off a good hygienic picture of your habits and saves you at awkward situations.

Before we move on to discuss the importance of clear underwear for women, lets take a quick look at how their counterparts (men) fare when it comes to personal hygiene and clean underwear.

Generally men are less conscious about the cleanliness of their undergarments as compared to women. It has also been observed and recorded that men do not change their undergarments as often as women do. This is the reason men are more prone to skin rashes and fungal infections around their genitalia.

In men, heavy perspiration and accumulation of the sweat around the genitalia makes it imperative for them to have a shower. Firstly, if discharges like semen, small traces of urine and faeces remain on the underwear, it begins to rot giving off a bad stench. Secondly, the underwear also begins to wear off leading to discomfit. The torn underwear leads to these bodily discharges sticking to the garments and wearing them off over the period of time. Slowly it leads to fungal activity and a full-blown fungal disease.

As for women, bodily discharges like sweat, menstruation and virginal discharges make personal hygiene a must. Women are trained right from their childhood about proper hygienic practices. Cleaning underwear and changing them regularly during the periods is the most widely accepted practice followed by default by most women.

Performing household chores is not a mean feat. And changing undergarments regularly and allocating time regularly to doing laundry for everyday lingerie and undergarments is not a small activity either. But this should be done in order to wash off the stains on the undergarments and relieve them from the sweat and stench.

One good way of maintaining good underwear is to change them regularly after a shower and soak them in warm water. This kills the germs and frees the underwear of the sweat and stains as well. And this is quite easy to do as well, isnt it?

Another good way of maintaining good underwear is to use cotton underwear. They make washing easier. Also, they can half reduce a host of problems arising due to dirty underwear, like – skin irritation and fungal infections, body odour and other problems arising due to poor hygiene during menstruation and the use of tampons. This is the reason why many women prefer cotton underwear.

Good and clean underwear is essential for personal hygiene and to keep away infections and skin diseases. Personal hygiene doesnt take much effort. And when you are healthy, you feel more confident and look more comfortable.



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