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Importance of Parents and Indian Marriage


Marriage is the most necessary deemed for Indian society and culture, it’s not only the relation of two people but two families. Parents and other relatives of both bride and groom play a big role in Indian marriages. That’s why most of Marriages in India were arranged, some with and some without the consent of the bride and groom.

Its Indian culture where parents search Bride and groom for their loving son and daughter with lot of preference was given to caste & religion while selecting a bride and groom in India. This is a gradual and a time consuming process, but there are a number of matrimonial sites helps and offer free matrimonial services, finding the dream mate.

Why Parents so involved in Indian Marriages?

In India there is no greater event in a family than a wedding. And this is the time when parents indulge themselves, to find the better life partner for their Son/Daughter. Indian Marriage alliances entail some redistribution of wealth as well as building and restructuring social realignments, and, of course, result in the biological reproduction of families and the consistency of indulging families in marriages is another cause which encourage parents for marriages. In India some parents begin marriage arrangements on the birth of a child, but most wait until later. Most of Bride/Groom depends their parents, is also a reason of involvement of parents. In arranging and conducting of marriages, the complex permutations of Indian social systems best display themselves.

Parent’s Role in Marriage.

Finding the perfect partner for one’s child can be a difficult task. Youngsters perform this fast manner which cause a marriage to an intolerable relationship and move it to the end like divorce. Whereas parents perform this task with more care and patience and use their social networks to locate potential brides and grooms of appropriate social and economic status. In present Indian tradition parents accepting consent of their son/daughter in searching their life partner so that Bride/Groom get their dream life partner with the choice of parents and make both sides happy.

Parents after Marriage

After marriage parents plays an important role of keeping relationship established and help bride/groom to understand their very new relationship. Parents help in pregnancy cannot be neglected and there is an important role after the child birth, by Mother in law, helps bride to understand the complications after birth. Besides, time to time bride/groom needs expert advice, where parents are the best option.

At the last but not least, the ratio of successful marriages in India is much more than other countries around the world where the lack of parents interference in marriages is causing more and interest of parents in marriages in India proving itself the big reason of success. Indian wedding traditions are considered as holy affairs and couples happily follow them with great value and the help of parents is much appreciable to make their child’s life happy.



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