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Indian Marriages – Time for Celebrations


Indian marriages are the time to rejoice and celebrate, when all near and dear ones come together to share this moment of happiness. Marriages in India are accustomed to following of rituals and traditions. Usually these procedures are lengthy and they take a couple of days to perform them.

The entire Indian matrimony process starts from searching a right match for an individual. The alliances are not only nurtured between the girl and the boy, but also their families. In black and white days, the modes for matrimonial alliances were references from relative and friends, and then slowly news papers contributed in this section. But the great reform came with the invention of computers and internet technology as today these websites are the most appreciated and trusted modes for these alliances.

India is a land of diverse cultures and religions and hence finding right match through references becomes pretty difficult at times. However, people are welcoming paradigm shift in customs, but still they do have a strong inclination towards their traditions. Nowadays, the generations are highly educated and hence they prefer to choose their life partners. This concept is slowly permeating Indian society and gradually love marriages are being accepted by the people, which were earlier considered a taboo.

Understanding all these parameters, the matrimonial websites are really working hard to give the best to everyone looking for a life partner. These websites are a contribution from the technical world in assisting the entire process of Indian marriages. As people are now more technology driven, these websites are gaining appreciation. They are fast, accurate and they even secure the privacy of the person and their families.

As marriages in India are celebrated differently in every religion and state, the websites are designed keeping these points in mind. A person can look on for a partner, based on parameters like caste, religion, education, location and profession. This helps people to look for desired match by ignoring all irrelevant profiles. Memberships to these matrimonial sites are secured by paying certain amount of money, but then still they are cost and time effective.

After the search, the two parties can interact and discuss freely about how to take things forward. Even till date many times the Indian marriages are settled by parents, but the final decision is based on the views of the girl and boy in question. These websites provide a neat way for the girl and boy to interact and check the compatibility. As the new generation wants to choose partners on their own, many of the girls and boys take help of these websites to find the person of their choice.

This technological revolution has basically reduced the market area of marriage bureaus, as people are now heavily depending on these websites.  These websites provide updated information and it also eliminates the third party involvement, thus creating space for the two families to interact clearly, without any miscommunication and other issues.

As we all know that Marriages in India are matter of pride and honour, both the parties try to do the best from their end making it a grand and a memorable moment for the bride and the groom. Indian marriages are an expensive affair and people spend willingly and lavishly. Various attires, jewelleries   and gadgets are presented at the time of marriage and the wedding is concluded by great celebration, where people follow the concept of eat, drink and make merry.

Marriages have always been an expensive affair but Indian marriages are famous for their traditional exclusivity and extravagance.



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