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Infertility Tips – How to Be As Fertile As Possible


If you are looking to get pregnant, the first step you must take is how to be fertile. Te reason behind this are many. If you try all you can by taking all the drugs, you visit all the fertility clinics, you purchase all the pregnancy kits, and you are not fertile, then all your efforts are in futility. Why do couples after trying all they can still find it difficult getting pregnant? This is where the case of infertility comes in. Without you being fertile, getting pregnant is next to impossible.

How can I be fertile?

Infertility is a common problem among many couples today. Without curing infertility, then pregnancy can not be talked about. Below I will list some useful tips to follow in order to get fertile naturally for you.

To start with, this is for women. I will advise you visit a health provider care in order to get enlightened the more on health issue. Without your health in place, there will always be problems and challenges to face.

Second, you must obtain an Ovulation Kit in order to determine when you are fertile and with this, you will be able to plan fully ahead of your ovulation period. After taking the ovulation test, if you discover the test reads positive, then know that you need to have sex on that day and after wards as this is the best time to conceive for you.

You as a woman, you need to know your body temperature. If you know your body temperature, you will be able to tell when you ovulate and some of the obstacles you may have to get pregnant such as low progesterone and probably lutheal phase level. You can go online and search free Basal Body Temperature.

After being pregnant, you will need to take lots of prenatal vitamins in order to make your baby happy and healthy. Ensure you have a daily intake of vitamin C with a monthly dose of foliate. It has been discovered that this alone can decrease the baby being born with neutral tube effects by 70 percent.

As for the men, make sure you take less of caffeine related products like coffee. If you really want to be as fertile as possible, you can try and eliminate the intake of caffeine completely. More so, you as a man, ensure you remain cool often and ensure you do not expose your scrotum to excess heat. Many of you do not know about this but this really has a great impact in you being fertile. Some of the things you can do to remain cool can be such that you need to put on boxers not briefs as many use to do. Always have showers and avoid steam room and too much exercise.

As a man, you must take vitamin as well. This is not only meant for women. Take vitamin that is meant for your personal health. Try to get the specific vitamins that are meant for you and take them often for optimal health experience.
Last, ensure you keep your sperm count intact by abstaining from too much short sex especially before ovulation period. However abstaining for too long is not good as well.



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