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Infidelity in marriage Today


Infidelity in marriages is an epidemic sweeping our country.  While our culture values being true to ones self, devotedness to a sports team, and faithfulness to an Alma mater, it offers the conflicting notion that infidelity in marriage is a normal, unsurprising and potentially positive occurrence.  The Beach Boys sang “be true to your school now, just like you would to your girl or guy…” but today’s message has become be true to your school but when it comes to marriage feel free to express yourself in whatever way you want even if that means cheating on your spouse.  Infidelity in marriage has become like the social flux pas of picking your nose.  It’s only embarrassing if you get caught doing it.

Why would infidelity in marriage be such a strong attraction to a married person?  Studies show that there are some basic fundamental attractions that motivate a person to cheat on their spouse.  It will come as no surprise to most readers that the greatest draw for men is sexual excitement.  Sex is exciting and if one’s wife is no longer interested in sex or is satisfied with a limited amount of sexual contact men may look for satisfaction elsewhere.  Infidelity in marriage can be an attractive prospect even if men are happily married.  The thought of sex with another woman is stimulating and thoughts of the negative consequences are conveniently overlooked.  For women, infidelity in marriage is generally an opportunity to achieve an emotional bond that they feel is not present with their marriage partner.

Both men and women are attracted to the prospect of infidelity for other reasons.  Inadequate communication and inter-personal skills may drive them to seek a sexual or emotional bond with someone who requires less of a personal investment.  Curiosity about what “it” would be like with a different person as well as boredom in their marriage play a part.  Low self-esteem and/or the inability to live up to their spouse’s expectations may also be something that drives someone to consider infidelity in marriage.

Do the forbidden pleasures promised by infidelity in marriage actually materialize when one gives in to temptation?  Studies show that almost without exception the consequences are devastating and in many cases irreversible.  Infidelity in marriage shatters trust, limits intimacy, destroys self-esteem and plants a seed of distrust and doubt that usually takes over the marriage relationship.  Divorce is a very likely consequence and the crippling consequences of divorce on the spouses as well as on the children has been well-documented.

At best infidelity in marriage will provide some exciting hours, days, weeks or even years.  However, the loss of intimacy in the marriage, the unrecoverable sense of trust and acceptance that permeates good marriage and the devastating heartache that will be experienced by the most innocent members of the family make infidelity in marriage a poison that should always avoid.  To learn more about how to avoid the pitfall of infidelity in marriage.



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