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Is Analyn Caras "Win Back Love" Anything New?


“Win Back Love” promises to give you the tools necessary to win back the love of your life. Within it’s pages author Annalyn Caras lays out her powerful 7 step method that guarantees to help you get your ex back within 21 days or less.

We felt that this was quite a statement to make and decided to investigate Analyn’s promise further. What we found was quite pleasing. Instead of more garbage from some relationship guru we found a woman that had “been there and done that” and writes from her experience and her own heart. This does not mean that her advice and her methods are amateur, at all! In fact, we found it refreshing to find a book that really lays it on the line…someone who is daring enough to step up and say “this is what you need to do” instead of a lot of wishy washy theory or vague promises.

What “Win Back Love” does is first give you the confidence to know that you can win your love back. Annalyn’s words and suggestions will help give you peace and help you to regain your composure. We felt that this was a very necessary step for anyone wanting to win their boyfriend or girlfriend back since it is very unattractive to be depressed and needy….and after you’re done reading Win Back Love you will be full of confidence and happy to see your ex again and this in itself will help to begin to draw them back to you…they will begin to see the person that they fell in love with.

Next Analyn shares with you her tried and true Seven Step Method that is proven to draw your lover back to you. The amount of information is astounding and it is only surpassed by it’s effectiveness. She tells you not only what NOT to do but lays our an action plan that usually pulls your ex back to you in under 21 days. She goes over what you can do if your ex refuses to speak with you or return your phone calls or text messages. The best thing about “Win Back Love” is that it doesn’t even matter if you are the only one right now that is open to working on this relationship. THAT is how powerful Analyn’s secrets are!

The last part of “Win Back Love” that is so unique is that it doesn’t simply end there. It doesn’t just help you get your lover back and cause them to quickly change their mind about you and your relationship but it shares with you how to continue to build your relationship. It is filled with secrets that you can use to intensify the bond between you and your beloved so your relationship is actually renewed and stronger than ever! These are not only secrets that Analyn and her clients use themselves but secrets that she has learned from couples that have been together for generations. Secrets that have passed the test of time and shown to be truly effective in keeping the passion burning in a relationship.



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