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Is The Storesonline mp3 Player Worth $7000?


People are starting to hear the name storesonline lately and want to know if its a scam, fraud or a company that can offer a road to success. Also, why do they offer an mp3 player to people. We will go over what storesonline offers, how much it costs and what people are saying about the company.

What Can Storesonline Do For You

The simplest way to put it is storesonline helps you create websites and teaches you how to market them online. You are able to start websites (they recommend six) to promote a current business or start a new online business from scratch. 

What Is The Storesonline MP3 Player About?

As with many sales companies the mp3 player is a teaser. Most people receive an invitation in the mail offering a free lunch and mp3 player if you attend a seminar where you learn about starting an online business. So, once the free mp3 player gets you in the door you are offered a chance to purchase software for $50 that will help you start your online business. This software will be explained to you at a later conference where you will be pressured to buy a package around $7000 and I have even talked to people who have spent as much as $13,000. Many people, under the high pressure sales pitch, and the fact that they have already spent some time and money looking into storesonline, will buy the package.


I’m not saying stores online is a scam and doesn’t work. They do know what they are talking about and have the ability to start websites for you. The problem I have is that all these things can be done for a fraction of the cost that they charge. Also, the fees they charge are upfront costs and considered set up fees. If you want more coaching and training it will cost you more. 

The most important part for a person to realize is that continued training and mentorship is needed to create a solid online marketing campaign. Just because you have a website doesn’t mean anyone will find it, traffic needs to be brought to it through marketing. This is one of the biggest complaints storesonline has, very poor customer service after they receive the initial payment. If you are looking to start an online business, make sure you are going to get continued mentorship. That is the key to success online.

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