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Jobs Where You Can Meet Lots of People (And Possibly the Love of Your Life!)


If you’ve made it through your school and college years and haven’t found someone to settle down with, chances of finding someone to spend your life with can start to seem grim.  Many people choose to play the club or bar scenes, but at a certain point the scene gets old.  How on earth do people find their soul mates these days?  It isn’t usually through speed dating or internet matchmaking.  An excellent, organic way to find a partner is by doing something you enjoy among other people.  Here are some great jobs where you can meet lots of people, and possibly the love of your life.

Movies and Theatre:

Putting on a show is a huge undertaking requiring the coordinated efforts of a large group of people.  These people start out as strangers but feel as close as family by opening night.  Whether you like to sing, dance, act, build, create, or usher, there is probably a job for you in the entertainment industry.  If this is not an option for you, there are other jobs that utilize the project idea.  Many corporate teams, especially junior ones, are thrown together to complete a “do or die” project together.  Once you’ve done the impossible together, you will feel like you’ve always known your corporate comrades, and there will possibly be a romance blooming among the coffee stains and neatly filed reports.

Waitress, server, hostess, or cook:

The food service industry is not glamorous.  It is grueling, thankless, dirty, and long.  These conditions are great ones for romance, though.  Just like in the project mentality, your team is together against the world.  The cooks and waitstaff can be mutually supportive, helping the restaurant run smoother, or there can be competition that encourages sparks to fly.  This is a job that puts you with others late at night in a challenging atmosphere.  You’ll interact with a close-knit group of employees and come in contact with hundreds of customers a week.

Go back to school:

One of the reasons many people meet their life partners in school is because it segregates people by interests while simultaneously creating a great diversity in numbers and types of people to interact with.  If you are passionate about something, this is a good way to meet someone else who is passionate about that, too.  Even if you meet someone with a different passion than yours, one passion can lead to another…

Make your hobby your job:

If you are an avid birdwatcher, teach classes at the Y.  If you love to walk, organize a walk for your favorite charity.  If you’re a comic book nerd, start a fan club for your favorite fandom.  Whatever you love, there are other people out there who love it, too.  Engage them enough over your shared love, and they may grow to love you, as well.

The best way to meet people is to get out into the world.  If the best you can do is go to a coffee shop three times a week, you’ve got a better chance of meeting your soul mate there than you do while sitting on the couch alone at home.  And you never know, that waitress with the coffee in her hand?  Maybe she’s been looking for someone just like you.



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