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Keep Your Head Al Gore


So Al Gore’s the latest to be involved in a sex scandal. He is denying
all allegations made by a masseuse that he fondled and groped her after
a few drinks. Maybe she’s telling the truth, and maybe she isn’t. At
least he doesn’t have to worry about Tipper – they’re now separated
after 40 years of marriage. It could be why they’ve split. Maybe
Tipper found out that Al’s testosterone level is as high as his former
partner, Bill Clinton. Who knows? And why aren’t the Gores invited to
Chelsea Clinton’s wedding at the end of this month?  Who knows?

There are many questions that may always remain unanswered, but one
thing is for sure. Sex sells. Salacious accusations against
celebrities and politicians titillate the public. Since 1994, Jay Servidio has been a leading
expert in the adult internet industry and founder of
Teleteria, an adult website provider. “The truth is that people spend
a great amount of time watching porn, thinking about sex, pursuing
their carnal urges, looking at pictures and getting aroused.”, he says.
  “Al Gore is human, and though I’m not so sure about his claims that
he invented the Internet, I know he’s probably not completely innocent
when it comes to the allegations. The woman may be an extortionist, or
she may be telling the truth.” It matters not to Jay Servidio, as
knows how much sex influences the average person’s life. He makes a
great living in the adult industry, helping people from all walks of
life become involved in this exploding market and reach financial
independence in a recession-proof industry.

As for Al Gore, the former Vice President, Nobel Peace Prize winner and
environmentalist who lost to George W. Bush in his bid for presidency,
he’ll be just fine. This too shall pass. His accuser once demanded $1
million to keep quiet. Gore remains righteous and continues to deny
any involvement. It’s still a rough week for the man who tried to be
President of the United States. If he’s found guilty of some sexual
misbehavior and peccadillos, he’ll join a long list of men who were
ruled by their sexual desires. If you ask Jay Servidio what he thinks,
he’ll tell you he wishes more people would just relax in the privacy of
their homes, enjoy their sexuality and log onto a porn website, a la
those offered by Teleteria!



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