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Keeping a Long Distance Relationship Alive


One of the most difficult things about keeping a long distance relationship alive is the imagination involved in keeping the romance kindled, and unfortunately for many people, their imagination only extends to text messages and e-mails.  Of course both of these are absolutely vital methods in your long distance relationship arsenal, but sometimes you really do need to think a little more creatively.
The lack of physical contact puts a strain on even the strongest of long distance relationships but rather than focusing on the negative side, if you’re both prepared to think outsides the box a little, keeping a long distance relationship alive can actually be exciting.
Just because you aren’t in the same state (or even the same country) doesn’t mean that you can’t have a date together.  Ok so different time zones might make it more interesting but this is where the ‘hard work and dedication’ bits come in!
In the past, sharing a meal or watching a DVD together while hundreds of miles apart was out of the question, but this is now totally possible with the advent of the many video chat options and can really help in keeping a long distance relationship alive.
Agree on a time for your ‘date’ and think about what you would both like to cook and eat. Make sure that you both get ‘dressed’ for the occasion – obviously depending on what kind of mood you want to create! You can discuss your culinary progress, or simply share your day as you’re both slaving away over your respective hot stoves.  Once your meal is ready, make sure that you both sit at a table and, if possible, include some ambient lighting and candles (remember, this really is a date!)
Another option is to watch a DVD together.  Agree on a movie that you’d both like to see and decide on a mutually convenient time to begin. Buy some popcorn or chocolate (or whatever your cinema favorite is) and settle down to enjoy the movie together. Agree to pause it at certain intervals so that you can comment to each other or, (if you’re anything like me) ask questions about the plot.  At the end of the movie, make sure you leave enough time to chat about it and say goodnight – exactly as you would if you were out at the cinema.
Keeping a long distance relationship alive doesn’t have to be costly or complicated but it does take a little thought and creativity.  It’s also essential to have a real interest in each other that goes beyond physical attraction.  Setting aside a special time for one another and doing things together, even when you’re apart, really helps to keep the romance burning and, even more importantly, interesting.



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