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Leading A Double Life – Obvious Signals Your Spouse Might Be Cheating On You


Why would your spouse be leading a double life when everything seems to be great between you two? Or maybe it is not as great as you suspect. For whatever reasons, your spouse just does not seem the same as they used to be and this leads you to suspect they are having an affair. More distressing than the plain fact that they are cheating on you is not knowing. Read on and learn what could signal your significant other is leading a double life.

Secrets Are Hard To Hide

At some point, we all have secrets. You know how hard it can be to keep a secret, and the anxiety that goes along with that. If your spouse is leading a double life, they are keeping a very big secret from you. The last thing they want to happen is for you to find out. This creates a lot of anxiety for them and puts them on edge day and night. Look for signs of stress. They might be very jumpy when the phone rings or there is a knock at the door. When you are out in public you might observe them scanning the landscape as if in search for something or someone. They probably will question everything you do – keeping tabs on your comings and goings.

No One Likes Change, Or Do They?

Change is something most people avoid, and that goes for what we wear and how we look. Change usually can be brought on by life events, and for your spouse this could be that new secret lover they are hiding. We live to impress when involved with someone at the start. If something pleases the other person, usually we make the changes needed. If your spouse suddenly has a new hairstyle, is using a new cologne or perfume, goes from jeans and t-shirts to slacks and button up shirts, or desires to get fit, you could be dealing with a cheater. If you happen to see these transformations, you need to dig deeper.

Don’t Stand So Close To Me

One obvious signal you get from a spouse leading a double life is the distance. This distance is emotional and physical. Less time spent together and more time “at work”, or seeing communication come to a screeching halt are signs that something is up. If you are not getting that physical love that once existed between you two, they might be getting it elsewhere. And as bizarre as it might sound, spending time and closeness with you might be taken as unfaithfulness toward their new flame! Sometimes stress at work, financial matters, and health concerns will affect a person, so it is important to communicate as much as possible with your spouse and attempt to get the reasons for the sudden distance.

How long are you going to let the unknown and stress continue in your life?

Finding out if they are leading a double life should be first and foremost right now for you. Just knowing what is going on with them can lift a ton of stress from your life and at the very least, allow you to look at your options. These signals are just a few of the many that can reveal a cheating spouse. Do yourself a favor and head over to my website, http://catch-a-cheating-spouse-how-tos.blogspot.com, discover if they are cheating and get a start to putting an end to their cheating ways.



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