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Learn What Sells On eBay


If you are considering selling things on eBay then you will first need to learn what sells on eBay. There are many different things that you can sell, so you will need to give it some thought. There are many different things that people are selling on the internet and you will be spoilt for choice.


Electronic products are very popular on eBay. Everybody loves a good gadget and most eBay users are interested in buying them. There are many different gadgets and devices that you can sell on the internet. These include MP3 players, phones, or portable media players.

The most popular electronic product on eBay is the iPod. Although the iPod is just an MP3 player it is the most popular. These are more than a music player because you can also surf the net, and watch videos.

Many people are tempted to overlook electronics because of their popularity. However if you are creative then you should have no problem carving out your niche market.


Few sellers even think about selling clothing on the internet. Clothing is big business on eBay and you can make quite a lot of money selling them. Many people will search eBay for clothing bargains. Clothes and shoes can be very expensive in the shops and that’s why there’s money to be made.

When learning what sells on eBay you should find out that designer and brand name clothing will be much more successful. Buyers on eBay are normally looking for discounts on expensive items. You will also need to choose something popular so that lots of people are interested in it.


If you know what you are doing then you will be able to sell antiques on auction sites too. It’s trickier than some of the other options but can be successful. For this to work you will need to choose antiques which are popular and in demand. Try to source antiques which are valuable for a low price and sell them on.

Selling antiques on eBay can be a little difficult because not all buyers are interested in them. It is also important that you can prove the authenticity of the antiques if required.

Sourcing Products

Once you’ve learned what sells on eBay and discovered what you are going to sell, you need to find out where to source them from. There are many different places to buy stock from. You might find dealing with a wholesaler or drop shipper to be easy.

When you’re just starting out though you might find it much easier and less stressful if you buy stock from car boot sales and garage clearances. You might also be able to get some good deals in your local paper.

These places are good sources for individual items; if you want to sell a continuous stream of the same stock then you will have to deal with a wholesaler or a dropshipper.

These are basically the same; however a dropshipper will deliver your products directly to your customers for you so that you don’t have to worry about a thing.

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