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Long Distance Relationships-Serenading from Afar


Want to show your long distance love you care? Nothing says it like music; it is a direct way to stimulate emotion. “Out of Bed” by John Forte has just been nominated for the on-line love anthem position. I found that gem while creating a mix cd for my distant love. I will show you now how to make a mix cd that will capture your lover’s heart, your emotion, and that moment in your relationship. “Who would think to do all this?” fair question. I believe someone with something on his mind, or rather in his heart.

First, each mix cd which is well thought out must have a mission statement. The mission statement guides the formation of the mix cd and keeps the message specific. It is very important to make your mission statement as specific as possible. This will add to the emotional power of your mix cd. It will help keep your cd consistent, and, is the major difference between a mix cd and a collection of favorite songs. Here is an example of a mission statement.

Mission Statement:

This cd will reflect the excitement and joy I am experiencing as a result of meeting Janka. It will relay the anticipation I feel of experiencing the reason she has come into my life.

The mission statement should be expressed thoroughly by your focal song, which is often the song that inspired the mix cd. For this cd we shall use “Out of bed” notice the sense of urgency in the artist’s voice along with a resolution to see the wait through. That is what I feel when I listen to this song there is a joy and excitement in longing for someone the way I long for her. It softly conveys the anticipation and smile I feel when I think of her. That is the kind of song you need for the foundation of your mix cddo you know what that song is? Then add it to your play list and let’s find a few others.

Ok for this cd I have chosen Promises, Ghetto, and Therapy from India.Arie, Your Body Is A Wonderland by John Mayer, Get To Know Ya by Maxwell, Music Leela James, Rock The Cradle of Love Billy idol, and All of You by Sammy Davis Jr. Now it is important to have a natural flow and progression. I like my focal song a little above the middle of the cd. The middle is too predictable for me and I am a bit impatient so it all ways ends up near the beginning. I never lead with my focal song as I think it deserves some build up. Play around with the order of the songs until you find a flow you like.

For this cd I ordered the songs:

1. Get to Know You

2. Promises

3. Out of Bed

4. Your Body is a Wonderland

5. Music

6. All of you

7. Rock the Cradle of Love

8. Therapy

9. Ghetto

It is important that your intro song have a direct message. I think getting to know you is very appropriate to the relationship this mix cd is designed to reflect. What did you chose as the intro song? 3 and 4 are important because I believe that they will be our respective favorites of the mix tape, I love Out of Bed and she loves Your Body is a Wonderland. I end with Ghetto which is cool because India.Arie mentions my baby’s home country in it. It is things like that that make a mix cd special. Have you chosen songs with little hidden gems?

The final steps of this process can happen at anytime during the process. These are every bit as essential as the other steps…they are different in that inspiration for them can occur at any time during the process.

One step we have not mentioned is titling your mix cd. The title should be something significant to the relationship. I chose to title this collection Janka Laska, with is my distant lovers first name with the word for love in her native tongue. Picking a significant title is very important.

Also you will want to pick a photo for the actual disk. The photo is as important to me as the songs because what you choose communicates something to the listener. For this cd I choose a picture of Janka I don’t believe I had ever commented on that I really liked. I could have choose to use a picture I had told her I liked but I wanted her to know I see her as beautiful sometimes when she doesn’t even know it. I have a printer that has a special section for cds because I record as a hobby. If you have a more standard printer you can fine an inexpensive program for around $20 that will allow you to print to adhesive labels made for Cds. The kit also comes with a small plastic press to evenly affix the label to the cd. The days of writing titles with a sharpie are over. This gives your cd a nice personal touch and since you aren’t buying her the shoes she really wants you need to put extra effort into this.

The last step is going to the post office and mailing this wonderful gift to your long distance love.



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