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Look chic with Rocket Dog Shoes


Rocket Dog Shoes, catering for the most fashion-conscious teens to the sophisticated traveller are the talk of the town today. Available in the market in forms of casual athletic shoes, classic ballet flats, clogs, sneakers, boots, sandals and slip-ons, Rocket Shoes are the shoes that are affordable and in high-demand today.  

There is really a dog behind this variety of shoes and the story of Rocket Dog Shoes begins with a tale of two guys and one speedy mutt named Max. The guys, Stephen Hoyt, and partner Terry Anderson are veterans with over 40 years combined in the footwear industry and Max – known for his penchant for running really fast. In 1997, these guys introduced a sandal with a cork bottom that became very popular among the people. Following this, Stephen and Terry introduced rubber sandals, which were also a huge success. As they started to market the shoes with Sam & Libby, Candie’s and Espirit Rocket Dog Shoes soon became a popular international brand. By 2004 the company launched its exclusive men’s collection as well as kids’ range. Today the Rocket Dog Shoes offers shoes for both men and women as well children, in other words they have shoes for anyone and anywhere your feet can go. 

Rocket Dog Shoes offers a wide selection of funky styles for women. They are available in the market as Goodies, Hazel boots, Misty, Pippy, Pollina, Preppie and Veronica. Sneakers which are complete with chains and buckles on dotted material are too cute to describe. Most women have settled for the comfortable flat slippers today due to various foot ailments and back pains. For them Rocket Dog offers flat slippers available in metallic gold and bright reds which are often complete with lot of glitter. When worn with jeans or denim mini-skirts they look awfully stunning. These chic shoes are so popular among women and they are even worn by celebrities such as Paris Hilton and Demi Moore. Ladies can also select from fun pumps to high heel pumps, canvas skimmers and western boots. 

Men’s range of Rocket Dog Shoes is extremely trendy and they love the comfort of them. They can select to wear Rocket Dog sandals, boots and casual shoes which are ideal for any occasion. Comfortable Rocket Dog boots come in a range of shapes and colours which are loved by both young and older men. The variety of boots which come with silver grommets and rhinestones are a hot seller among the bikers. Kids love their range featuring Sonic boots, sandals and slip-ons. The Kids collection comes in a variety of vivid colours is appropriate for school and outdoors.   

Rocket Dog Shoes are proven to be environmental-friendly and contain no leather material.  The low price in these shoes is another reason for them to be a hot seller. People can still look stylish and trendy without spending too much money. A pair of comfortable flip flops can be bought for a price as low as £12 while a pair of stylish boots can be bought for approximately £65. Rocket Dog Shoes are made by using the finest material ensuring the highest durability and value for money.  


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