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Managing Tips For Security Guards


If you have security guards work for you either as an employer or as a supervisor then you know it can be quite challenging to manage them. It’s no secret that many guards are underpaid and overworked. This can create resentment and, as a result, poor performance. Like all people, managing to optimize performance take special skill and knowledge. Here are some tips that may be helpful.

1) Good communication: this is vital. Many times poor officer performance is a result of a lack of clarity in what is expected of them. Be clear in what your security expectations are. It’s helpful if you have post orders, which are rules and regulations for the officers to follow. Have all officers not just read but also sign the post orders. Include in the post orders performance requirements as well as behaviorial expectations.

2) Encourage officers to come to you; many managers are not welcoming enough to their staff. Consquently, when problems arise they are the last to know. It’s important obviously to nip all problems before they turn into something worse. This can be achieved by allowing your guard staff to speak to you regarding any issue that is upsetting them. You can even have them contact you at certain times of the day if you are very busy.

3) do performance reviews; this again helps officers know how they are doing. Sometimes guards aren’t even aware that they aren’t peforming the way they should. Performance reviews are essential for guard accountability as well.

4) Pay officers what they’re worth; this may seem obvious and in these hard times it’s not always easy or even possible, but if officers are poorly compensated their performance may very well suffer. If you have a talented guard offering him or her some raise–even if just a small amount–will most likely be very appreciated. For more on managing security guards it’s worth looking at our article called Security Los Angeles which can be found on our blog site. Remember, the more you are involved with your officers, the more comfortable they will be in sharing with you valuable insight which may ultimately bring about an improved security team.



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