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Mobile Phone Addiction – Juan C Ruiz


Who of us doesn’t have a mobile phone.  And with all that it can do, it makes sense that we are addicted to it.  

What is an addiction?  It is an action that you just cannot stop doing.  What starts as something you enjoy, turns to an obsession or addiction when you have to have that thing all the time.  Common addictions such as smoking , alcohol, and gambling are well known, but can we actually be addicted to our mobile phones?

Of course we can and we are!  Who of us doesn’t have a mobile phone.  And with all that it can do, it makes sense that we are addicted to it.  Whatever we need is in that phone and how many times have we heard someone say, “my life is in that phone”.  It is so many things to so many people.  Saved text messages can serve as a journal, contacts made are all stored in the phone, email addresses, songs, photos and more.  After all, what is the first thing we reach for when we have even one spare second?  We check our phone.  Even though there are alerts for almost anything on your phone, you still check it to see if a text, phone call or email slipped by.

When did it become so important to keep in touch with everyone in our lives constantly?  When did it become such that we cannot occupy ourselves in our own thoughts without having to reach for our mobile phones to play a game, check email, read text messages, text our friends and other insignificant things.  We have become a nation addicted to technology and to our devices.  Many people prefer to text than make a phone call.  It is quicker, less personal and you can talk to multiple people at the same time.  Now we are all in a pecking order with our friends and family.  Our conversation is not given 100 percent attention and at any time, someone else can be texting or calling the same person we are conversing with either in person, via text or in person.  

Ringtones are part of the addiction.  With the ability to download any song to your phone and assign it to your friends, we are addicted to having the latest songs on our mobile phones.  It an be a full time job keeping up with the latest MP3’s, downloading them, assigning them to our contacts and then reassigning new songs to replace the old.



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