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Modern Wedding Ceremonies


Marriage has changed a great deal in recent years. With many of today’s weddings involving older couples, same-sex couples, people who have never set foot in a church, and people who have already been married at least once before, modern wedding ceremonies are beginning to reflect a break with tradition in the best possible way—meaning that more and more, brides and grooms are refusing to be bound by a dogmatic need to adhere to the concept of a normal or “proper” wedding ceremony.

Modern wedding ceremonies may buck tradition in a number of ways. Many challenge the notion of a giant gown made from endless yards of bright-white satin and organza, instead choosing to wear simpler, shorter, or funkier wedding dresses. Colored accents, such as a sash or an embroidered embellishment, are becoming more common. Even bolder are the brides that leave out the white altogether, instead selecting dresses alternative colors like pink, red, or even black.

This movement away from all-white weddings can also be seen in couples’ cake selections. Many cakes for modern wedding ceremonies are bright and unique, utilizing things like neon fondant and crooked tiers for a fun, youthful effect. Some might even choose to forgo a traditional cake, instead presenting decorated cupcakes or cookies as a centerpiece for the event.

Clothes, food, and decorations for modern wedding ceremonies might also reflect a specific theme that is special to the bride and the groom. A couple who loves comic books, for instance, might have a sculpted superhero wedding cake. The bride might carry a bouquet of paper roses made from the pages of a vintage comic, while the groom might wear a tie and cufflinks emblazoned with bat signals.

In this culture of romantic uncertainty and frequent divorce, weddings are a real miracle. It is only fair that the participants celebrate this amazing occasion the way that they want to, instead of the way they feel they are supposed to. Traditionalists should not fear—a wedding will always be a serious, momentous event, even if the cake is shaped like a yellow Corvette and everyone in the wedding party is wearing novelty sunglasses.



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