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Movie Theme Party For Teens – 3 Fun Mega-Hit Ideas For A Birthday Party With A Hollywood Theme


If you’re planning a birthday celebration for a pre-teen to sweet sixteen, nothing compares to the entertainment of a Hollywood theme party. Here are three blockbuster ideas for parties with movie themes that are guaranteed to get five star reviews.

1. Sleepover Movie Marathon Party

* The plot: Hold a mini film festival, inviting friends to an overnight showcase of movies. You might choose a popular series with multiple films like Harry Potter, Star Wars, Twilight or Lord of the Rings.  Or you could pick a category like light romantic comedies, classic 1950’s low-budget science fiction, edge of your seat action flicks or musical extravaganzas.  You could also send a list of fifty movies with your invitations and have your friends vote for their five favorites.  Then tabulate the results, and pick the top three or four winners to view at the party.

* Set the scene: Decorate with posters of classic and blockbuster motion pictures and old film reels. Rent a popcorn machine.

* Supporting cast: Choose invitations and favors with tickets, filmstrip or marquee motifs. Serve popcorn, of course, and other theater goodies, like nachos, hot dogs and candy. 

2. Hollywood Style Awards Ceremony Party

* The plot: The guest of honor and all his or her friends walk down the red carpet to attend a glamorous Hollywood event.  During the course of the evening, the celebrities are honored with little gold statues for outstanding achievements.  Acceptance speeches are encouraged.

* Ideas for awards: Awards should be either a compliment or funny.  If you’re using humor, make sure it doesn’t remotely hurt or insult the recipient.  You can make up your own categories.  But here’s some suggestions to get you started: greatest smile, life of the party, friendliest, most likely to be a movie star, best dressed, most optimistic, biggest heart, most musical, nicest hair in the wind or rain, most athletic, best dancer, funniest, biggest drama queen/king, most time spent on Facebook, fastest at text messaging, most shoes, biggest flirt, most likely to be super rich, strictest parents, biggest purse, most songs on iPod, biggest spender on make-up.

* Set the scene: An inexpensive imitation red carpet and little gold awards from the party supply store are a must.  White twinkle lights and hanging stars add to the atmosphere.  Lifesize cardboard cut outs of celebrities let your guests mingle with the famous.

* Supporting cast: Invitations and party favors can feature an Academy Award, red carpet, stars, or Hollywood sign. Provide food appropriate for a gala event, such as appetizers or a buffet.

3. Lights, Camera, Action Party

* The Plot:  Invite your friends to make their own two or three minute mini movie at the party with their cell phones or digital cameras. Depending on the size of your crowd, you can work on this in teams, pairs or as individuals. The films can be anything from comedy to documentary.  People can borrow actors from each other’s teams.  Provide plenty of props, costumes and accessories to spark imagination and help with production. Toward the end of the party, have a showing of all the films.  If you want, you can vote and give out a prize for best drama, comedy, actor, supporting actor, music, special effects, director and others. 

* Set the scene: Make it look like a production company with director’s chairs, film canisters and clap boards.

* Supporting cast:  Invitations and party favors with images of movie cameras, spotlights, director’s chairs, Oscars, clap boards or a filmstrip work with this theme. A large six or nine foot party sandwich is great to nibble on between takes.

A Hollywood theme party is certain to be a instant hit.  Whether you choose the sleepover movie marathon, awards ceremony or film-making event, you’re sure to please a crowd of teens.  So, put the spotlight on the birthday girl or guy.  And get ready for rave reviews.



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