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MP3 Ringtones Explained


Whenever your cell phone has an incoming call or a text message it will make a noise to alert you to this fact. The first cell phones that came out tended to have only one noise to indicate an incoming call our message. Thankfully times have changed and there are a whole range of different ringtones and sound effects that can be put onto cell phones.

MP3 ringtones are the most recent form of ringtones that can be used on a cell phone. Previous versions of ringtones have included monophonic ringtones which are comprised of single musical notes which are played one at a time. These sound very old-fashioned and clunky when compared to MP3 ringtones.

Polyphonic ringtones were the next type of ringtones to be introduced to the market. These were slightly more sophisticated and could create several different musical notes at any one time. However this did not give a true representation of the track that was being played and were very primitive when compared to MP3 ringtones.

True tone ringtones are one of the latest forms of ringtones and they are real recordings of audio tracks. The most common form of these are MP3 ring tones which are usually used on cell phones to recreate audio tracks by various different artists. In order to enjoy MP3 ringtones you must have a cell phone which is compatible with this format audio track. Without this you will not be able to hear the ring tone being played on your cell phone.

Due to the creation of MP3 ringtones it is now possible to have virtually any sound put onto a cell phone. This means that if you want your favourite track by your favourite artist playing each time your cell phone rings you can do this with ease. Long gone are the days when ringtones simply meant a monophonic tones which was sometimes very hard to distinguish from different tones.

In order to have MP3 ringtones on your cell phone you usually need to sign up to a service which provides these ringtones. You will be expected to pay each of the ringtones that you wish to have sent to your cell phone and these are usually charged at around $3 per ringtone. However it is possible to get to some sites where you will be able to get one ringtone and another one for free for each one that you purchase.

Anyone looking to have a realistic tracks played on their cell phone when they have an incoming text message or telephone call needs to find MP3 ringtones. Once you have found a service that provides these you will have a choice of thousands and thousands of different ringtones by recording artists from all over the world. You can also opt to have sound effects and excerpts of conversations from films and so on recorded into MP3 format which can be put onto your cell phone and played whenever you want them to be. If you want realistic audio tracks use MP3 ringtones.



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