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Music Industry New Media Trends

[ad_1] This last few weeks I ran across SEVERAL trends for 2008 in the music industry and just thought I would share. Very interesting as you know this is the way the music business would eventually head but WOW, so many areas to consider. We even have a few discussions going at New Media Hire.

Below I have tried to compile them:

* Viral Videos: Takes a lot of creativity but this can be an incredible vehicle than can get an artist know from a few hundred to a few million in just a week.

* Self Promotion: More artists will take control of their own promotional needs by implementing their own ideal of what their brand is.

* Digital Related Sales: From ring tones and downloads and artist sites, who really purchases CD’s.

* Free Music: This is way to give you a taste of the music but some free music is already paid for via advertisers or a combination of sponsors so listeners are gained.

* Online PR: As print media is shrinking the online readership is massively GROWING.

* Wireless, Wireless, Wireless: Make it as easy and painless to access and download that even novice can handle it.

* Niches: Genres are cool BUT if you like a song you like it! Some music you just can’t put in a category.

* Blogs: Artist blogs or those that blog about music. The more your name gets out there the more interest there is.

* Marketing: Nothing beats in your face marketing that you can’t seem to avoid.

* Getting Fans Involved: Letting the fan base feel like they are actively involved in your music! Naming a song, voting on what is on a release album etc.

* Social media technologies: People tend to talk about and share their experiences and favorite music and where they got it from. Artists have been discovered just from their social media sites.

One that I didn’t see that could very well go with another growing digital industry trend is the use of certain music incorporated in to video games! Love the game, love the song! They do this an extent but could definitely be more targeted.

Check out some new media related jobs in the music industry and take part in these trends.

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