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Must Watch Video – Liam Payne Felt “Stranded” After 1D Hiatus – Admits To Being The ‘Old Soul’

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It’s been almost two whole years since One Direction’s hiatus started. Although we have loved seeing all of their solo careers take off, it’s definitely not the same.

More recently, the guys have been more vocal about showing support for each other’s songs and projects, and have even hung out for birthdays or music festivals. We’re hoping this means that there may be something in the works for the somewhat near future.

But while we continue to wait to see what’s next for our beloved boy band, our attention is now focused on Liam who just revealed how he really felt about being in the band.

Liam was known to One Direction fans as ‘Daddy Direction’ because he often would be the responsible one of the group who stopped them from getting into trouble and would take charge during interviews, especially in the beginning of their career. Liam definitely felt the pressure of that nickname and in a new interview with The Telegraph he said “ When something was going wrong, I’d get a phone call. If there was an apology needed, it was me. I was the spokesperson for the band, as it were, with the press and the label.”

When the hiatus was first announced, fans were torn between being upset and being happy that the band was finally getting a break. The boys produced five albums in five years and were pretty much consistently on tour for those years as well. The demand was high, and the stress was even higher.

Liam was just as nervous about the hiatus as we were saying “When I left the band, I felt a bit stranded. It took time, but I know as an artist I am starting fresh now. This is Moment One. It’s the start line.”

One of the reasons he may have felt that way was because of how much they were worked. Liam said “One of the problems was that we never stopped to celebrate what we’d done. I remember us winning loads of American Music Awards and then having to get on a plane straight away. It got to the point where success was so fluid. I don’t even know what happened to our songs, we just sang them, then sang some more. It was like a proper, hard job. Non-stop.”

Liam has definitely given us a bit more insight to what it’s like to be part of one of the biggest boy bands in history, and as much as we miss them, we’re glad to see that Liam is definitely not stranded anymore. With an adorable baby boy named Bear with Cheryl and hit-songs, he seems to be doing better than ever.

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