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Napster Free Trial – Is It Really Worth It?


Free music downloads seem to be the biggest thing on the Internet these days and everybody has been wondering if the Napster free trial is worth checking out. This is a concern many people have due to the legions of illegal music downloading sites that have been landing many people in jail, so i thought to write a quick article with the intention of helping people learn more about the new Napster music site.

The Napster free trial is basically a way of letting everybody sample the music service instantly without spending a red cent. What these guys have managed to do is work out some kind of deal with the major labels, (who were once out to crucify them) which allows them to give people unlimited access to the latest Napster free music downloads for seven days straight.

In addition to that, the free Napster trial gives people access to their commercial free radio stations, allowing people to create a custom radio station of their own. This is a cool feature for people that are tired of hearing the same songs being played over and over again on the radio.

A hidden bonus in taking advantage of the Napster free trial lies in Napsters’ complimentary software which they provide you with. They don’t mind if you share music with the Napster community who are always downloading the latest releases on the Billboard charts every Tuesday. They actually encourage users to share mp3 files on their network legally.

So if you’ve been thinking about taking advantage of the Napster free music download trial, it might be a good idea to check out all the features on their program. Their music service is worth taking a peek at.

Take the Napster free trial and download good free napster music tracks legally. You can learn more about how to get free napster downloads on our music review site.



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