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Cigarette ends, littering and Community Wardens.?
In my local authority area (Thanet), it seems that the job of fining people for flouting the new law on dropping cigarette ends in the street is falling to the local Community Wardens – what I want to know is, do these people have any powers of detainment and/or arrest.? If not, how.

Does anyone else think the new law in TN about beer is stupid?
Did you see this?! Now no matter how old you are to buy beer you will be carded! Your liscense scanned. But it doesn’t cover wine, etc. Now on the one hand if you’re going to enact a law like this you should cover all forms.

Florida’s new law on deadly force?
What are your views on this topic? Could you see yourself using this law? there seems to be heavy crime here in south florida; do you think this law will help deter some criminals and help regular citzens feel more empowered and safe. Would you ever consider carrying a legal concealed weapon? You.

Has a new law been passed regarding the refusal of mothers to honour contact orders..?
no its not legal at all. and in regards to the other persons answer( which didn’t even answer the question.) i think moms are alot sneaker then men because courts usualy give into single mother situations and they can get away with more.

Iam curious to know if the new smoking law has had any impact in the UK?
Hi Iam British but work and live most of the time in the middle east, we heard much hype up to the start of the new law but not much since. Has anybody had any experience of changes both good and bad I.

No smoking law UK?
The new law states.. That we are not allowed to smoke in enclosed public places but we are ok in un-enclosed places. I work for an NHS trust. The hospital leases the land of of the local council. That must mean that it is public land. The NHS is a public body. Does it not.

Pregnancy and safe sex protection for 12 year olds?
What do you think of the new law in South Africa to supply safe sex protection (condoms) and preganacy protection (like the pill and others) to kids from the age of 12 ‘without parental consent’ in all State Clinics? i do not think it should be allowed myself.in one way.

Should we have a new law banning things getting banned?
Yes!! I think that most people would behave in a decent and moral way whether or not there are laws there to dictate how we should behave, and people who behave immorally would probably do so whether or not these laws existed. I reckon that without all these.

So I am having a hard time finding access to this new law.?
Fundies are telling me that it is illegal or will be illegal to preach against homosexuality. I find this hard to believe and much like the propaganda they spread about the govt regarding prayer in schools. Does someone no of a link so that I may.

When is that new law in california coming out regarding cell phones?
law states that it will be illegal to drive while using your cell phone unless. your using a headset.. July 1. 2008 – january 08 is what I’ve heard – use your hands and a phone in a moving vehicle— get a ticket – June or July.

how do other americans feel about the new law that requires us to have a passport to enter canada or mexico?
i don’t remember if it will be enacted in a few years or sooner but it will be. Well, I gotta agree with it for the Mexican border. I live not to far from the boarder of Juarez.

How do you feel about the Immagration Law? How would you do or make the new law?
unless you are an American Indian you are an immigrant. We can not hide from the world. Are we afraid that if we acknowledge our illegal immigrants we’ll have to recognize their rights as contributors to our country? I believe we.

98 convicted held to new 99 law?
If you get chargerd in 98 sentenced then get out in 99 can they hold you to the new law of 99. I ask cause someone I know son got caught smuggling drugs in 98 he was charged and sentenced then released in 99. The new law of 99 stated that all.

Annual Holiday Increase?
I think my company may try to get out of it, I’ve done a little bit of research but nowhere seems to have the exact details of this new law, who it affects and how. I am a full time shift worker, I work bank holidays if I am on the rota to. They are treated.

How will the new law in Kentucky for students to make passing grades to be able to drive affect drop-outs ?
Holy cow! I wish that we had a law like that in Colorado. I believe it will make the kids second guess whether or not they want to drop out. That is awesome! – I’d say a.

If you could create a new law what would it be?
I would definately incorporate a law where a rapists jail sentence will be for life or death penalty.And pedophiles will never be allowd back into society and will be taken to a special facility where they are tortured for the rest of their days.Sickos! – I would.

If you could make a new law, what would it be and why?
I would legalize marijuana! Just kidding, lol. What would you do and WHY? i would make it illegal to not give the costomary wave on the road when another ddrive lets you go first – minimum qualifications for parents: to many kids are screwed up because.

Is there a new law saying a person must sign birth certificate or they will be put on child support?
NO, its just some states go by who’s name is on the birth cert and some dont. either way, they find the father. married its considered yours, if unmarried, they order DNA testing. check your states guidelines (they.

Military Cancellation Law?
I may be late but I have heard recently that a new law was passed about any military person/family being able to cancel anything without penalty. I was wondering if this is true because I am stuck in a four year contract with a company called US Magazine Services (which I believe is a scam). They.

I hae four boys that go to school. My question is, what do you think of the new law in Texas that won’t let
the kitchen fry any of their food? Who ever heard of a baked chicken fried steak? My kids hate it. The told me that by the year 2008 every school in Texas was to comply.

Should homeowners be allowed to sue a burglar for.?
. A new law should be added. Should homeowners be allowed to sue a burglar for the cost of all of the locks in their house? Here’s why. Locks are primarily to keep out the crooks. An extra expense for YOU to fork out. In a perfect world, you wouldn’t.

Statutory holiday entitlement at work in the uk !?
Does the new law which comes into force in october for holidays include bank holidays ? (i think it goes up to 24 days a year ) new EU rules mean that bank holidays can’t be counted as part of the 20 day min holiday. it will go upto 24.

The new law on passports and child support what do you think?
I see on Yahoo about child support and how if your over 2500 in back child support you can not get a passport for whatever reason, I am re-married and my husband I am married to pays child support to a child who his wife ex has.

What is up with the new law on the way people wear their pants?

If using a mobile phone while driving is as bad as drinking and driving, why aren’t the penalties the same?
When the new law came in we were presented on the BBC with ‘evidence’ that the loss of concentration while using a phone is as bad an effect as drinking alcohol. IF this is true, surely the penalties should.

If you could invent one new law for your country what would it be?
In the US. I’d eliminate marriage as a legal status. If states wanted to grant legal benefits to couples, they can get a civil union. Marriage becomes purely a religious concept. And no discrimination for civil unions based on race, gender, religion, or anything.

Are sex offender laws getting TOO silly?
Florida (the state that has the most rigid sex offender laws) put a new law on the table. This new law states that a sex offender who has a child (THEIR OWN BIOLOGICAL CHILD) – can NOT change their child?? diaper without somebody from ??hildren and family services??r somebody from law.

Are the TEENS being treated unfairly. ?
Is the new law about the one year minor driver’s licence extension unfair. The new law passed in 2006 ( @ least in California ) about teens not being able to drive other minors around for a whole year instead of six months too harsh on the kids . Is it unfair.

is it a new law that if a baby does not carry the fathers last name he can not be on the birth certificate?
I sincerely doubt it. But without more information, there is no way to check. What country are you in? (And, if in the US, what state?) – First time I ever heard of that..

Is this another law against the poor? Bailiffs new rights in the UK?
Soon a new law which will give Bailiffs legal right of entry I.E breaking in to your house with NO need for a court order may be passed. I think this will be a major infringement of civil liberties. What do you think? http://uk.news.yahoo.com/05032007/140/bailiffs-new-powers-grab-goods.html

latins/hispanics i need your opinion?
do u guys think its fair what some americans still do to us.about the new law the imigracion put? today i saw latin people cleaning the streets while a greengo was throwing more trash on the ground!do u think its fair?!its not there fault they couldnt study and it is not there fault there.

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