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NIV Audio Bible for Downloads

[ad_1] The moment God continued the inheritance of the 10 Commandments to Moses, most Christ’s followers and believers has learnt to share the words immortalized in the Old Testament and New Testament. Due to the busier timetable of most followers, the invention of a new bible has taken its place. The audio bible is convenient for everyone and to be listened anytime, anywhere. It comes in numerous versions and has been translated to more than 250 different languages so even if English is not your main spoken language, you can still listen to God’s advice in your preferred dialect.
With the existence of all different versions of the bible, you can opt for your favorite, from renowned versions like Catholic Bible, King James Bible. Even the audio version of NIV bible download is available via the internet.  No doubt, the Bible is a noble piece of document filled with comforting words for Christ’s devotees. The Bible was only available in the Greek, Latin and Hebrew before the 400 AD. Although it was being translated to other languages by 500 AD, the primary language was still Latin, causing trouble to believers who understand no Latin.
By the age of 995 AD, the first translation of New Testament into Anglo-Saxon has been made although it took another 500 years before it has vastly produced and spread around.
About 500 years later, the expansion, transformation and advancement in the versions of Bible has never ceased. The audio Bible has come to replace the conventional hard copy, causing great impact in how people deal with reading Bible. In fact, these newer versions have made busy followers to come close to listening to the Bible in their hectic intervals, as reading could be less convenient.
The NIV bible download made available to countries that are technologically advanced or developing is certainly a new novelty linking the technology and practice of religion. These bibles in the audio versions come in either MP3 or the CD format, available to play them in players, iPods or other gadgets. You can play them while taking your morning run, during your flight on the airplane or just relaxing on a dark night. Children who have yet to read can also listen to the bible.


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