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Oral warts information: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment


What are oral warts?

Oral warts are abnormal raised bumps that appear on the lips and in the mucous membranes of the mouth. They are caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV), a group of virus that is usually transmitted through sexual activity. They occur more frequently and more extensively in people with HIV infection than in those with normal immune function, especially in patients with advancing immune suppression (CD4 counts of <200-300 cells/µL). Oral warts may be refractory to therapy.

The symptoms of oral warts

The patient notices raised lesions in the mouth or on the lips. Warts are not painful unless they have been traumatized. Most warts appear as single lesions and cause no pain or discomfort, but above all, a great wart may make it difficult to swallow. Without treatment, mouth sores can sometimes become malignant and spread to other body parts. If a person notices warts in the mouth, he or she usually must seek medical evaluation for proper diagnosis and learn about different treatment measures.

The diagnosis of oral warts

A doctor or a general dentist can diagnose warts by visual inspection of lesions and take a tissue biopsy to detect malignant tumors. A blood or saliva may also be performed to confirm the presence of HPV. Once an accurate diagnosis can be made, the medical professional can determine the appropriate course of treatment.

The treatment of oral warts

Like facial and genital warts, special precautions and care need to be taken when treating oral warts. Over the counter treatments which are great for warts on your hands and feet are definitely not a good call for oral warts, and your doctor is the one who should advise you on which treatment is best for you based on the number of warts and their location in your mouth.

Oral warts treatment involves the use of creams that contain anti-viral agents. Warts resistant to topical therapy may respond to cryotherapy or laser therapy.

Cryotherapy and electrocautery are common procedures for small warts unique. A specialist can freeze the wart with tools cryotherapy and liquid nitrogen, which kills the tissue and prompts you to fall. A wart can also be burned with a laser in a procedure electrocautery. To a large lesion, a surgeon can cut the wart with healthy tissue scalpel and suture it back together. Warts on the inner and outer lips are usually treated with topical ointments to reduce its size. Is it possible to treat oral warts at home



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