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People Search by Cell Phone – How to Find People With Their Phone Numbers


It can be very frustrating if you are desperately looking for people ( friends, relatives or just anybody) and all you have is their cell phone numbers. This is difficult because there are some privacy laws that protects the details of cell phone users from being listed on the public phone book.

There are so many reasons why any one could want to conduct a people search by cell phone. Some are looking for how to do it mainly because they have been getting prank calls from unknown sources, some because they are trying to locate a friend or relative of their. Others for so many other reasons.

There are so many directories that claim they offer this service for free. However, the truth is that you can only search for phone with their phone numbers if the said number is a landline number.

As already stated above looking up people by cell phone numbers is not Possible with the free directories as mobile phone numbers are not listed as public domain materials and thus they cannot be accessed through the free directories.

There are however two good ways of tracing people with their mobile phone number. Discussed below are the top 2 methods..

Google/MSN/Yahoo : These three search engines are by far the best and should be the first place to look whenever you are trying to trace people with their phone numbers. This method works as a result of people leaving their numbers on social networks where the search engines can easily see and display them. Another reason why this people works is if the person who owns the said number has ever listed something on auctions and classified ads sites such as eBay and Craigslist. You will want to type the number on the search box of these search engines and hit the search button and then scan through to see if something pops up on the search results. The down side to this method is that the information generated doesn’t always include the full address of the owner.

Pay Reverse Phone lookup directories : This is by far the best way to carry out a people search by cell phone numbers. There are directories that are specially created for this purpose. They create their database by negotiating with the major communication companies on behalf of their clients and thus due to the time, effort and the amount of money involved any one who wants to make use of their service have to pay a little fee.

The fee is however very small. Some of these directories charge as little as $14.95 per search. The good thing about this method is that you will get the full details of the owner of the said phone number. Another plus is that they offer a money back guarantee. Meaning you can be sure to get a refund if the service doesn’ meet up to your standard – provided you order from the right directory.

Some of the information you get by using a pay directory includes :

The full name of the owner
His or her full address
Their previous address(s)
Name of communication company
Home Value
Names of Possible neighbours
Other Phone numbers they own
Their criminal records

And So many other useful information.

This method works but picking the right directory can be very tricky. This is because there are so many directories that offer this service but not all of them are created equal or are able to provide you the information you.



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