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Personalised Ringtones


Ringtones have been around for ever, from boring old monophonic ringtones that play one note at a time to the latest mp3 chart topping ringtones.
But there’s a new kind of ringtone that has popped up and I just love them!
This has to be the ultimate in personalisation…. “name tones

These catchy ringtones will sing your name in the song track and best of all you get to choose which style suits you best. You can have your name in a ‘dance’ style ringtone, a rock style ringtone, acoustic, disco, even bhangra!

The best site by far for these name tones is www.singmyring.com , just type your name and listen to your name being sung in a bunch of different styles. Also available are personalised message tones, a similar sort of thing that uses your name again but this time the song track is much shorter, after all you don’t want your mobile going on forever when you just get a text!
In summary, if you want everybody to know your name then these name ringtones are definitely for you, this could be the next big thing, the latest teen craze to sweep the nation just like that damn crazy frog!

Another fantastic site I’ve found for more personalisation for your mobile is www.reddodo.com , a great website for personalised animation. You select your favourite moving image and you get to put your own wording across that image, be it your own name, partners name or whatever! The quality of the images are fantastic and there’s plenty of templates for you to choose from.
Mobile phone animation is a great way to bring your mobile to life and there’s no shortage of websites providing simple moving animation to send to your mobile, but these personalised images go one step further and kick the competition out of the ball park!

Let’s face it, how many of us have used our desktop as an extension of our personality, or used those scrolling text screensavers that you just cant wait to put your own text onto!?

Enough said, you’ll probably be seeing a lot of personalised mobile phone animation!

Source by Alex Olejnik


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