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Physiotherapy at Home


If you suffer from a long term condition, have just had surgery, or have an accident related injury, then no doubt you have been referred to a physiotherapist by your doctor. Physiotherapy is a proven way to help recover motor skills and minimize pain through the repetition of proscribed exercises. It works, but it can be very inconvenient. Here are some of the advantages to consider when it comes to receiving your physiotherapy at home.

Effects of travel. In many cases, patients who need physiotherapy may find that getting to their appointment in itself is enough to cause additional pain or discomfort. Driving on one’s own, sitting in a passenger seat for a period of time, and even taking the bus may all aggravate the original injury further. Having a professional come to your home and work on your physio program with you will eliminate the chance of further discomfort caused by a trip in to the physiotherapist’s office.

Inconvenience of an appointment. Anyone who has made an appointment in the past, and not just when it comes to physiotherapy, knows that you don’t have to just make time in your day for the 45 minute appointment. You’ll also have to schedule in traveling time (including all possible delays) and compensate for any possibility that there is a back log at the office. With physiotherapy at home, all you have to worry about is the appointment. No extra time taken out of your day for a trip can be incredibly inconvenient

Individually prescribed treatments plans. To a large extent, your environment will determine the success of your physio plans. Having the treatment take place within your home will mean the therapist and nurse who are guiding you through the plan get a more solid idea of your needs and circumstances as an individual, and this will help them adapt a plan perfect for you. If a physio program calls for a short walk, for example, you and the health professional assisting you might plan that walk to a certain location near your home, as an easy guideline.

Home health care is a very convenient option, especially for those who have trouble in making it to scheduled appointments on a regular basis. Physiotherapy treatments at home will mean a lot less hassle on the road to recovery.



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