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Portable Consumer Electronics


The world is growing faster than ever before, with the rapidly changing technologies and lifestyles. New inventions, new products and improving existing products are created every day. In recent years, the segments of consumer electronics experience a significant change. All this has contributed to a new lifestyle. Miniaturization and integration are key factors that have fueled the phenomenal growth of mobile technology consumer electronics. The introduction of wireless devices and the trend continues to accelerate the digitization in the field of portable consumer electronics.

From analog to digital consumer electronics change with the woman (Wireless Fidelity) technology. Applications such as Voice over IP (VoIP), web browsing and playback of MP3 and movie playback are some applications of convergence most coveted job in the mobile consumer electronics. Wi-Fi and hard drive with its origins in the PC world be quickly adapted by the portable consumer electronics. More and more portable electronic products come on the market every day.

Portable electronics are sufficiently compact, lightweight and easy mobility. There are handheld and battery of the portable consumer electronics devices. The life cycle of a typical product of the portable consumer electronics is much shorter than in other market segments. The market for portable consumer electronic devices is changing rapidly with continuous research in this area.

The determining factor in the miniaturization of electronic products came mainly from the consumer who is always looking for more and more useful features and functions. These variables continue to drive advances in design technology and manufacturing processes.
Products such as portable media players (PMP), smart phones, PDAs, and GPS are just some of convergence products in the hottest segment. Other portable electronic devices are laptop computers, handheld devices like mobile phones, iPod media devices, including Apple computers and CD players.



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