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Portables for Senior Citizens


I love music and I often reminisce with my kids and grandkids about sitting around the table at night, when I was young and listening to the radio. The Lone Ranger and The Shadow always kept us spell bound. I used to listen to music just like the youngsters today, but my mobility was limited by the length of the electrical cord.

Now I want our youth listening to music where ever they go. Their music is portable and can be enjoyed anywhere and any time. They are using portable electronics. For an old 20th century person in the 21st century I feel somewhat limited when it comes to the many electronic gadgets and gizmos that are on the market today. I would never have dreamed of any of these in my youth.

There are, of course, portable radios still if you want to limit yourself. Most of the older generation can even understand and know about portable CDs. I believe that because of our ever changing electronics the portable CD players will follow the cassette tapes and 8 track tapes into the realm of antiquated electronic devices and be viewed only in antic shops and museums. Why, because 6they all need some storage unit inserted into them such as the tape or disc.

The up to date people don’t need cases to carry their tapes and cads because the new portable electronics are very small and you can carry them in your shirt or pant pocket. These iPods and MP3 Players can be taken to your computer and you can download your choice of music right onto the device. Have your grandkids show you how to download music off your computer and enjoy.

If you want to really get into the modern age then you could look for features in your MP3 player that has a screen and will carry your digital photos. Some have vertical touch pads for music and photo selections. Other players have voice recording and video playback. You can also find players with FM radio/recorder and built-in microphones.

Depending on the size of your retirement check you can get an MP3 player or iPod that will fulfill your needs. Just think how much more enjoyable it would be to own one of these little portables and be using it when you are:

1. Standing in line at the airport

2. Waiting in the Social Security Office to ask a question, when

3. Riding the bus to the museum

4. Working in the garden

5. Better yet sitting on the patio watching the weeds grow.



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